New MyNutShare ‘Fan Post’ :) whoop whoop

My new favourite cushion cover! <3 <3 <3

MyNutShare Fan Post Part 2 🙂


Got this gorgeous cushion cover for christmas!!! Amazing!! Thank you Nico and Ruven for this beautiful NutShare!!! You guys are legend! Lots of love, Steph xoxo

MyNutShare’s #2015bestnine – THANK YOU for more than 29,500 likes since September

MyNutShare has got more than 29,500 likes on Instagram since I opened the account in September this year. You guys are simply amazing! A big, big THANK YOU to everybody who is supporting me and part of my journey!

MyNutShare hat mehr als 29.500 Likes auf Instagram erreicht, seit ich den Account im September diesen Jahres eröffnet habe. Ich bin sprachlos! Ihr seid einfach fabelhaft!! Ich möchte mich hiermit ganz, ganz herzlich bedanken bei allen, die mich unterstützen und mich auf meinem Weg begleiten. TAUSEND DANK!!!

MyNutShare #2015bestnine
MyNutShare #2015bestnine

What are Personality Traits?

Have you ever wondered what ‘Personality’ is and what is meant when people talk about ‘Personality Traits’? Let’s bring some light into the dar.

Weinberg and Gould (1999) described personality as “the characteristics or blend of characteristics that make a person unique”.

Emotional competency  brings it to the point with “Personality traits are intrinsic differences that remain stable throughout most of our life. They are the constant aspects of our individuality”. These individual differences are fixed and define who you are. There are different measurements to assess your personality traits. In general, there is not ONE overall valid and agreed and measure of  personality. But the most popular and common one is the “BIG FIVE”.

The Big Five assesses the following personality traits:

Openness to new Experiences – to be willing and finding pleasure in trying new things, intellectual curiosity.

Conscientiousness – to be thorough, being concerned with doing things properly. A very strong expression of conscientiousness might end in perfectionism.

Extraversion – where does energy comes from – intrinsic or from external. And where does energy goes to – is a person more external or more internal oriented.

Agreeableness – how agreeable a person is.

Neuroticism – whether a person is emotional stable or might have a long-term tendency to be emotionally negative.

If you combine the first letters of each trait you get OCEAN – this way it’s pretty easy to remember. Some of the traits might be named differently within the Big Five frame i.e. Neuroticism is called Emotional Stability or Openness to Experience is renamed as Intellect. But the general idea behind it is similar.

In general the Big Five does measure so-called bright side personality traits, i.e. pleasant traits. However, if a very strong tendency is shown the originally positive and favoured personality trait can become a bit more unpleasant.

First MyNutShare ‘Fan Post’ :) THANK YOU!!!!

MyNutShare - Fan Post
MyNutShare – Fan Post


Hello everybody,

I received my very first ‘Fan Post’ and it’s soooooooo cute!!! It just made my day!! A lovely girl I met on a friend’s wedding has sent me a parcel with some gorgeous little treats in it. Amongst other things there were these two adorable squirrels and the wooden hazelnut that you can see on the picture. One of the squirrels is even branded with my hashtag #mynutshare. This just made my day! No words to express. Thank you love!!! I really, really appreciate this and can’t stop smiling! I would have never ever expected so much and such a great support! Especially as we have just met recently. But I guess sometimes, some people just walk  into your life and enrich it! Thank you for sooo much awesomeness! Xx Steph

Let Gratitude be OurNutShare

Gratitude - MyNutShare
Gratitude – MyNutShare


Hi everybody,

Hopefully everybody is having a great time and had a lovely Sunday so far. We are right within the festive season and everything is starting to slow down – except from the shopping hunt for the best christmas presents. When getting together with loved ones for celebrations, many people use these festive days to reflect and to make resolutions for the upcoming year. Everyone is trying to be and become the best version of oneself … However shouldn’t we more often take time to say ‘Thank yo’u? Shouldn’t we embrace and express gratitude daily and not just now ‘it’s this time of the year’? Marc Tullius Cicero ones said ‘Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others’. So, please let us all ‘get off the bitch train’ (by Gary Vaynerchuk) and stay calm and grateful – all year long. But also especially this time of the year when doing our christmas shopping. Bring some time and give away some smileys – they don’t hurt anybody. 🙂