MyNutShare’s Monthly Favourites March – People who inspired me


MyNutShare's Monthly Favourites March - People who inspired me
MyNutShare’s Monthly Favourites March – People who inspired me

Barbara Sher – because her book ‘choose to refuse’ touched me and I believe she is an incredible woman, an amazing thinker and has a beautiful humour and charm while speaking. The advice she gives on her YouTube Channel is amazing and helps people to figure out what they want, by trying lean approaches without investing and risking to much.

Marie Forleo – owner of MarieTV and a Multipotentialite who is an incredible role model. She gives life advice and picked that path when she was in her early twenties. Although she knew it might happen to meet resistance she fought for her dream and does this now pretty successful. Her second passion is dance and she combines both, created a polypreneur business, which I found really inspiring. The twist she adds to her business and brings her passions to life.

Emile Wapnick – I mentioned her before in my post on ‘What is Multipotentiality‘ – for me one of the best blogs about Scanner Personalities.

Elizabeth Gilbert – the author of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’. But she is so much more than that. Her openness and talks about how to deal with the knowledge that probably your biggest success (a number one bestseller in her case) lies behind you. How to carry on? How to keep the magic and don’t get lost in a creative process but rather live a fulfilled, happy life. Her Ted Talks and interviews I have seen with her inspired me. First, because she has something to say and second, because she appears so real.

Who inspired you most this month?

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