Lost in the Wild – Welcome to Brexit Britain (12 questions)

It’s been a couple of days after the referendum. I am a German girl, living in London and couldn’t help but wonder what this post Brexit Britain does mean. Here are 12 questions for you guys to think about Brexit, Remain, Leave, Nigel Farage and the whole chaos.

Did you know that..

  1. … not even the Leave party had a plan what to do in case Brexit would happen and that Article 50 hasn’t been tested yet?
  2. …. the promises made by the leave party weren’t actually real promises? I’m just saying NHS.
  3. … nobody really wants to be responsible and is willing to lead this country any more?
  4. … even Nigel Farage who was the main promoter of the Leave campaign has “quit” after Brexit? Do you know why? Because he wants his life back!
  5. … potentially new Prime Minister Theresa May campaigned for Remain?
  6. … Nigel Farage is paid in EUR and has boost his earnings after the Pound has crashed?
  7. … the Scottish government might have the power to veto Article 50?
  8. …. Northern Ireland has run out of application forms for Irish passports?
  9. … 1.22m Britons are living abroad?
  10. …. more than 400 european football player are supporting and playing for British clubs?
  11. … many non-british citizens feel no longer welcome? How do you think shall British/non-british couples deal with it?
  12. … Cameron and Johnson have gone to the same school?

Can you imagine what will come next? If you do, please keep me updated.