BWM Build with me – Day 1 as a full-time entrepreneur


BWM - Build with me SalesTrainerIn Day 1
BWM – Build with me SalesTrainerIn and help me becoming an Entrepreneur – Day 1

Welcome to my first 100 days as a full-time entrepreneur. I am happy you are here. So, this has been day 1 and it was exciting!

I woke up today, realising that it’s now serious and realised I am scared. It’s actually pretty funny as I knew this of course before but this morning I could feel the pressure. Glad I could calm down quickly. So first thing I did was quickly going grocery shopping to get some healthy supplies. Back home, after my short “commute” I got started – pretty unglamorous I reviewed my 3 most important tasks for the day and committed to them.

I finished all of my minimum to dos and had even published the spontaneous post “You don’t have the x-factor“. I realised when you run your own business it’s pretty tough to stick to your schedule. You are suddenly responsible for everything, which means you have to go to the bank, manage your social media accounts, setup your professional networks appropriately and manage all those while building meaningful relationships and do your day-to-day job to earn the money. This is of course not a super new and unexpected realisation but I can tell you it does feel totally different when it happens. So, all together the day was pretty overwhelming and I decided to just power through it and do all the other bits on my mind. I ate all the frogs as Brian Tracy would say.

I guess what really helped for getting started was planning ahead. Last week I made a “brain dump” list. I collected every task that was on my mind that needed to be done, and wrote them down in a notebook. Yes, old school with pin and paper! Who is doing it this way as well? Hands up! 😉 This list helps me to declutter my brain, focus on more important and urgent tasks without always having some to dos in mind. I pick every day a couple of those tasks that I can combine easily and set them as my minimum to do. The most unwanted tasks first. When I have accomplished everything I can go over to the things more fun.


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