BWM 18/100 – Life!

BWM – Live your life! – Day 18
BWM – Live your life! – Day 18

Life it what happens while we are making other plans. I guess this is what brings it to the point. Could end my post here. Just like that. All been said.

But it wouldn’t be a blog post obviously with only one sentence.

Last year I lost two very beloved family members and only recently a third one. That’s tough shit and there is no point in denying.

Death – the not so friendly reminder that life is endless

Yes, life is endless! Who would have thought that? Everyone you might think. But why the heck are we then acting so often as we would have all the time in the world? As if we would be around forever? Why aren’t we going out living our dreams and creating this one life we love?

When life is endless, why are we so scared? We won’t get out there alive anyways in the end.

We only regret the things we didn’t do

Another fact people have shared on the dying bed. We regret the times chances we didn’t take because we played it safe. We do regret that we didn’t do the things we would have loved to do because we found all our excuses and took them as reasons not to do. We only regret the things we didn’t do.

What do you want to be known for?

Your life is your story. The story you write over your lifetime. Do you want to leave a legacy? What do you want others to know you for? What shall be the story others tell about you?

We live in one of the most interesting times in the world. We have access to unlimited resources and information. We can share information with everyone in this world with only a laptop, smartphone or an internet cafe. We only need to start.

Most things simply don’t matter

You know what matters in the end? Not so much! But what does matter is to know you have been loved and you gave love. This is what matters in the end. Ideally this means that you have loved your life. You have lived a fulfilled life. You have found love in other people and were able to show them love. And very important you have been able to love yourself. I truly believe love matters.

I wish this post will help at least one single person to stop complaining about unimportant, tiny little bullshit. To stop whining and to stop hating. And to rather pick up the phone and tell someone they love that they love them. Do it as long as you have the time to.

This post is for you, you know who you are. I hope you have found a cosy place and know we all have loved and still love you to pieces! RIP!

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