BWM 23/100 – Multi-passionate and beauty & co.

BWM 23/100 โ€“ Multi-passionate Entrepreneur
BWM 23/100 โ€“ Multi-passionate Entrepreneurs

Not sure if you have heard already one of the terms Multi-passionate, Multipotentialite or Scanner Personality.

I hadn’t until a couple of months ago. And it was a huge relief and eye-opener that there is actually a whole lot of other people being the same like me.

Multi-passionate or Scanner? What the heck is that?

Multi-passionate and all the other words named above do mean the same thing. It’s literally a description for people who have many or multi passions. People who don’t have only one calling and want to dedicate their life to it. People who love to do things within totally different areas. Areas that have actually NOTHING to do with each other. And I mean nothing.

Loving Business, Blogging and Beauty! (The 3 B’s!)

To give the whole abstract wording kind of stuff a bit meaning I will give you a bit more detail about what I love. I absolutely love Business! I’ve been in business over 10 years. I worked the most of this time in Banking ย then in Consulting and Recruiting. I absolutely love it. I got a degree in Business Administration and Banking and a MSc in Global Leadership. And I mean I am currently documenting my journey of becoming an entrepreneur – that’s pretty much a lot business to deal with. So, I guess this point is kind of ticket off.

I also love to blog – who would have guessed this!? When you read this you are probably aware of this fact. I started blogging because I wanted to document my learning journey – this is a nerd fact but I love learning new things. And to be creative.

What many of you probably don’t know is that I have started blogging roughly 1.5 years ago with a beauty account! Yes. Because I am also a woman and I love lipstick!

What does this mean for MyNutShare?
9 most loved pics
9 most loved pics

For MyNutShare this means I want to integrate these parts. And as it’s my blog I feel I can do whatever I want with it ๐Ÿ˜‰ Just kidding. The blog MyNutShare will mainly stay business related. However I thought it might be nice to get a small touch of feminisms to this page. I am a female founder and I truly believe that makeup has an amazing power on how we feel. It’s not about how other people see us. I mean this! And I don’t want any of these ridiculous “you are pretty enough, you dont need any makeup” discussions here! It’s about how the person who puts the makeup on wants to feel and or be seen. Sometimes we girls simply enjoys putting on makeup. It’s not about you guys! Not at all!

Therefore beauty_sowhat will get a little corner on the page where I will share a little bit of makeup love.


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