BWM 26/100 – 168 hrs a week

We all have 168 hrs a week. 24 hrs a day. 8,760 hrs a year. This is the available time we all have.

 BWM 25/100 – TIME, our most valuable asset
BWM SalesTrainerIn 25/100 – TIME, our most valuable asset

We usually work 37.5 – 40hrs a week. This means 128 hrs for “free” – even with a full-time job.

Let’s say we sleep 9 hrs a day – this means 63 hrs a week. Still 65 hrs to use.
OK, I get it. We also need to eat, commute, exercise and socialise.

But do you manage time or do you control time?

Managing time

Managing time means to manage the time available to you – the available hours between work, sleep and fulfilling “basic needs”.

Building your schedule around those fixed blocks.

Controlling time

Controlling time means actually to make the 24 hrs in a day work for you. To schedule the most important events you have and build everything else around it. Time your own schedule.

This is something I have actually never really thought about before. For me, especially in the corporate world, there were only as many hours in a day.

Now I understand that the most available asses we have is time. As no one can get more of it than 24 hrs a day, 168 hrs a week.

But we can leverage time or at least make the most of it by being resourceful with our time. Use it to the maximum. Stop playing Candy Crush and other addictive stuff that has no real meaning. Stop chasing Pokemon and start chasing our dreams. Using the time to work on our goals. To have quality time with our loved ones.

Are you managing your time or are you controlling your time?

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