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 BWM 30/100 – My first 100 days as an entrepreneur
BWM 33/100 – My first 100 days as an entrepreneur

It’s already day 33 of my series “BWM – My first 100 days as an entrepreneur”. Already 1/3 through the project.

How did you like the project so far? Would love to get to know your thoughts. And also to get an idea what was most beneficial for you so far.

Well, day 33. It’s been an exciting week. Becoming a professional trainer and learning all the necessary tools seems like a pretty good decision. I am currently sitting at the airport, waiting for my flight back home to London. It has been a real fun week but also pretty tensing. And I am also suffering from a small injury just now. But I guess I couldn’t be happier just now. Sitting here, looking at the airplanes and writing this post. It’s exactly what I have chosen to do and I am very pleased how everything has turned out until now.

My start as a blogger

In the beginning when I started MyNutShare I did not really where I will head to on this journey. And whether I was on a journey at all. I didn’t know whether I would enjoy blogging and sharing information with a totally unknown audience.

And the beginning was somehow weird. Weird in the meaning of communicating with the world. Without being sure that anyone is reading all this. It also took me quite a while to figure out what I really want to blog about. I had narrowed down a couple of subjects already from the beginning but still it felt pretty broad.

I always kinda new that entrepreneurship is what fascinates me most and what I would love to blog about. But I believe there is not really a point of blogging about entrepreneurship when you are not at least having a desire of being on the entrepreneurial journey.

Next to what to blog about I also had to decide on when and how often I’d like to blog. How often I wanted to blog was actually pretty clear pretty early. The only thing is I didn’t blog that often.

Daily blogging

Why did I not blog as often as I wanted to? Because I had excuses! Many of them. I didn’t make it a priority. I didn’t fully commit to blog on a super regular basis.

The difference to then and now is that now I am blogging daily or at least every second day. Since 33 days. And I love it! I guess the big difference is that I on the one hand fully committed to this project and my blog. It’s part of my journey and I want to keep it this way.

And on the other hand I value writing a post very much. I of course try to deliver value and try to create enjoyable content. But I also document my journey. I have dedicated the daily time when I blog as my absolute me-time. The time where I have the opportunity to reflect every single day. I usually write my blog post at the end of each day and schedule them for the next morning. Non of my blogposts has a script or anything. Most of the times I don’t know what I will blog about tomorrow. Every blogpost is a total reflection of my day, my mood, my thoughts. It’s only a real impression of what it means to be on the entrepreneurial journey.

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