BWM 27+28/100 – Taking full responsibility!

 BWM 27/100 – Build with me SalesTrainerIn
BWM 27/100 – Build with me SalesTrainerIn

I guess becoming self-employed, building a company, becoming an entrepreneur, taking full responsibility is a big step and a huge change. Taking full responsibility does also include and affect other areas of a life. One of those is becoming (more) healthy.

Taking full responsibility

By controlling time one has the chance to create a life and schedule that can help you become healthier.

Gym days

Regular exercise is one great way  for me to keep your mind fresh and kickoff my day. I love for example spinning classes early hours in the morning for a pumped and active start.

 BWM 28/100 – Taking full responsibility
BWM 28/100 – Taking full responsibility

Getting enough sleep and establishing a bedtime or end of the day routine can be an amazing way to calm down and get enough rest.

How many hours of sleep do you need?

A great way to get a good rest can be a digital free time before bed time. This includes reading – not via iPad or iPhone but with a proper book. Or maybe listening to some music rather than watching TV. There are many healthy choices to pick from.

Me time

How often a day / week do you have “me time”? Time only for yourself – without any distractions from notifications or anything else?

Healthy snacking

I love food. And I love fruits. To also get my daily greens I love to mix them with some fruits in healthy juices.

Here are some of my current fav recipes. In case you have some other fav receipts please share them with me! Would love to try them out.

MyNutShare goes green
MyNutShare goes green


  • 2 handful kale
  • 2 Oranges
  • 2 Kiwi
  • Mint
  • 4 Carrots
  • 1 Cucumber
  • 2 Apples
  • 1 piece Ingwer


Green, Greener, Kale Green
Green, Greener, Kale Green


  • 1 Cucumber
  • 250g Mango
  • 3 handful Kale
  • 2 Kiwi
  • 1 Orange
  • 2 Carrots
  • 1 piece of Ingwer

Btw the nail polish is by Essie.

Happy Monday everybody!


BWM 26/100 – 168 hrs a week

We all have 168 hrs a week. 24 hrs a day. 8,760 hrs a year. This is the available time we all have.

 BWM 25/100 – TIME, our most valuable asset
BWM SalesTrainerIn 25/100 – TIME, our most valuable asset

We usually work 37.5 – 40hrs a week. This means 128 hrs for “free” – even with a full-time job.

Let’s say we sleep 9 hrs a day – this means 63 hrs a week. Still 65 hrs to use.
OK, I get it. We also need to eat, commute, exercise and socialise.

But do you manage time or do you control time?

Managing time

Managing time means to manage the time available to you – the available hours between work, sleep and fulfilling “basic needs”.

Building your schedule around those fixed blocks.

Controlling time

Controlling time means actually to make the 24 hrs in a day work for you. To schedule the most important events you have and build everything else around it. Time your own schedule.

This is something I have actually never really thought about before. For me, especially in the corporate world, there were only as many hours in a day.

Now I understand that the most available asses we have is time. As no one can get more of it than 24 hrs a day, 168 hrs a week.

But we can leverage time or at least make the most of it by being resourceful with our time. Use it to the maximum. Stop playing Candy Crush and other addictive stuff that has no real meaning. Stop chasing Pokemon and start chasing our dreams. Using the time to work on our goals. To have quality time with our loved ones.

Are you managing your time or are you controlling your time?

Autumn Beauty Favourites

Autumn Favourites 2016
Autumn Favourites 2016

As already announced before MyNutShare will from now on also include a bit of beauty and makeup stuff. Why? Because I am a FEMALE founder and I love lipsticks! Therefore I think there is no reason to not embrace what makes us feel fabulous.

I want to kickoff this series with my autumn favourites.

I will go into each product a bit more into detail and leave you the exact description below.

Foundation & Concealer
Autumn Favourites 2016
Autumn Beauty Favourites 2016

The Maybelline “Fit me!” concealer is my absolute all-time favourite. It’s easy applicable with a nice coverage. When I want to go for a lighter look this is my go to product. Wearing the colour 10.

The Estee Lauder “Double Wear” Foundation gives a gorgeous finish – best when smoothened in with a beauty blender and fixed with setting spray. The glas bottle doesn’t have a dispenser which makes the product slightly less handy but you’ll get used to it. Wearing the shade “2N1 Desert Beige” – which might be slightly too dark in winter for me.

Nail polish
Autumn Favourites 2016
Autumn Beauty Favourites 2016

My current fav nail polishes are a muddy, taupe one from OPI and “161 teak rose” by Revlon. The OPI one is the shade “over the taupe”.  I usually apply both on top of a base coat (either trend it up, OPI or Essie) in two layers and finish with 1 layer Topcoat (same brands as above). Therefore both lasts roughly a week without chipping. The quality of the OPI one is slightly better but the Revlon one is therefore more affordable.

Eyeshadow palette
Autumn Favourites 2016
Autumn Beauty Favourites 2016

One of my all-time favourites is the MAC “Burgundy Times Nine” eye shadow palette. A absolute gorgeous, handy palette. I especially love the colours “Honey Lust” (left one, first row) and Star Violet (Mid one, last row). All colours have a great consistence, are easy to blend and have a long last – especially when applied with a good base. Even the matte tones are easy bendable and the palette offers the opportunities for many amazing looks.

My favourite brush to blend in is the ZOEVA “228 Luxe Crease” brush. I would have never believed that this brush would be so much better than high street alternatives but it is. Available for example at Selfridges for GBP 9.

Blush and Contour
Autumn Favourites 2016
Autumn Beauty Favourites 2016

My current fav conturing product is the Maybelline MasterContour “V-Shape Duo Stick Contour & Highlight”. It’s a cream contour and super handy. I wear the shade “02 Medium”. It’s super easy to blend and great for travelling. Don’t like the highlighting bit too much though.

For blushes I am currently loving the Tarte “Tarteist clay blush palette”  with 4 gorgeous colours. “Live” a pinky, orangey shade, “laugh” a shimmery dark red – a bit like the NARS “Orgasm”, “Love” a darker red tone without any shimmer and “dream” a pinky reddish shade. Very well pigmented so you want to apply them carefully to avoid being over blushed. 🙂

For a strong brow game
Autumn Favourites 2016
Autumn Beauty Favourites 2016

My favourite eyebrow product is the “Perfectly Defined Long-Wear Brow Pencil” by Bobbi Brown in the shade “blonde”. Amazing precise, triangle shaped pencil with a brush. If you want to go for a high street alternative the Soap & Glory one is an amazing dupe!

Autumn Favourites 2016
Autumn Beauty Favourites 2016

Finally my favourite products: LIPSTICKS! Whoop whoop 🙂

  • Manhattan Lip Lacquer shade “40 S Don’t be shy!”
  • NYX soft matte lip cream shade “SMLC20”
  • all time classic MAC “Rebel”
  • Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor “610 Addiction”
  • Essence Long Lasting “21 Très Chic”
  • Essence Sheer & Shine “16 legenberry”


BWM 25/100 – Stop being an a$$hole!

 BWM 25/100 – Stop being an a$$hole!
BWM 25/100 – Stop being an a$$hole!

I originally planned on writing about my first business breakfast and networking in this post but I believe this topic is more important.

Here’s why

I have received the following message from a professional network “I follow the looseness of your development. Not in details of course, but one or another metamorphosis you have been through. Content wise and also visually really exciting! Please allow (and understand my openness as a compliment): for my personal, subjective, stuffy taste there is one ring too much on the picture. (My nose piercing, we spoke about it before). My impression: This is not really you. So I know I’ve put myself on thin ice by saying this and I hope that you do not regard this as inappropriate. If you feel comfortable with it: leave it in!”

Absolutely limited by my appearance rather than my actions. Btw this person does not really know me at all.

This is what happened in the last two years – action wise

For roughly two years a lot of stuff has happened – otherwise then getting pierced. I’ll put it in a short list. These are my accomplishments as you might want to name it. I am not writing those to show off but to give a sense of what people could have seen in my life.


  • moved abroad
  • started and finished a postgraduate degree (MSc Global Leadership)
  • worked while studying full-time
  • have read as many non-fictional books on personal growth like never before
  • started this blog and am blogging regularly since a year, document what I have learned and try to save other people’s time by providing book summaries for example, try to deliver value in a nutshell
  • increased my English to a pretty good level
  • worked employed
  • got engaged and married
  • found all my braveness and started my own company, quit my job and am trying to make my dream work
  • got a piercing

So, you might think “why did she put the piercing there?” – because it’s the ONLY thing I get reduced to by a couple of people.

Being a woman on a professional social network

Other messages I have received to profile changes on LinkedIn and Xing are “there is something in your nose”, “you looked prettier before” – some people also like it. Then I get from business contacts messages like “:-*” or “what if I would have sent you a picture that would make you blush?”.

 BWM 25/100 – Stop being an a$$hole!
BWM 25/100 – Stop being an a$$hole!

Let’s just get this straight. A kissing smiley is NOT from someone close to me or on Facebook. It’s on a professional network with people I am connected with as business contacts! Btw. this message is harmless. Trust me, there are different other people on those networks who totally seem to get the purpose (professional business) of these networks wrong. I would have not posted this post if it would have happened only once or with only one person. But it happens even after I tell people I am married and behave professionally.

Anyways… I have written this post to just create a tiny bit of awareness. We should stop judging people by their appearance – btw. my weight is something to be discussed all the time as well. We should stop pressure our opinion on people – it’s simply not always relevant. We should accept that women have ambitious goals they want to reach too. And some of us only want to be the best version of ourselves.

Btw working on yourself is f****ing hard!!

Wishes for the future?

Stop hating, stop criticising. Why don’t we rather start supporting and empowering people in our network like we would do with celebs?


BWM 24/100 – Avoid distraction, stay productive!

BWM 24/100 – My first 100 days as an Entrepreneur
BWM 24/100 – My first 100 days as an Entrepreneur

How often do you get interrupted by a push notification on your phone?

Me pretty often. I love my phone. And I also love games. So I was very much pleased to find out there is an easy and fun way to keep my focus, reduce distraction and keep my phone away from me.

There is this productivity app …

I am currently using for the first time (just now, while writing this post) and guess I will really like it.

It’s called FOREST

BWM 24/100 – Productivity App
BWM 24/100 – Productivity App
BWM 24/100 – Productivity App Forest
BWM 24/100 – Productivity App Forest

It basically combines behaving productive with a reward and a fun element. Or how Nir Eyal in his book “Hooked” would describe it “pleasure seeking behavior becomes pain alleviating behavior”. What this means the product (App) helps you to avoid pain of procrastination and being inefficient by continuously checking your phone. Inefficiency is particularly painful, when you are self-employed and don’t get a fixed salary but get paid for delivering real value.

BWM 24/100 – Productivity App Forest
BWM 24/100 – Productivity App Forest

It does so by rewarding you (pleasure seeking) of doing unpleasant behaviour (not touching my phone although I want to). The reward in this case is you can plant a tree. Sounds weird? Well, it is, but it’s fun – gamers might like it. To actually get the cool trees you need to spend using the app for a certain amount of time.

Planting trees sounds nice but what’s the use?
BWM 24/100 – Productivity App Forest
BWM 24/100 – Productivity App Forest

Over time this tree planing thing can help you to form the new habit of limiting the amount of time spending on our phones. Or in other words – reducing the amount of time wasted by playing Candy Crush and co..

For everyone who is not too much into games this app has also offers the opportunity to invest the earned rewards in real value.

Charity bit: sponsor and plan real trees
BWM 24/100 – Productivity App Forest
BWM 24/100 – Productivity App Forest

Spending enough time being productive without wasting time on your phone you will collect coins as rewards. You can use these coins either to build a beautiful fake garden or do something great and deliver real value. The app has a charitable function where you can use the collected coins to let plant real trees – for a healthier, cleaner and greener environment. Sounds amazing? Well, I guess it kind of is. I actually should have been paid for this post 😉 But I believe sharing is caring and when someone comes up with such great product it’s definitely worth sharing it with you.

Do you know similar cool techs that help keep productivity up? Let me know! Keen to check those out.

Have a productive day everyone.


BWM 23/100 – Multi-passionate and beauty & co.

BWM 23/100 – Multi-passionate Entrepreneur
BWM 23/100 – Multi-passionate Entrepreneurs

Not sure if you have heard already one of the terms Multi-passionate, Multipotentialite or Scanner Personality.

I hadn’t until a couple of months ago. And it was a huge relief and eye-opener that there is actually a whole lot of other people being the same like me.

Multi-passionate or Scanner? What the heck is that?

Multi-passionate and all the other words named above do mean the same thing. It’s literally a description for people who have many or multi passions. People who don’t have only one calling and want to dedicate their life to it. People who love to do things within totally different areas. Areas that have actually NOTHING to do with each other. And I mean nothing.

Loving Business, Blogging and Beauty! (The 3 B’s!)

To give the whole abstract wording kind of stuff a bit meaning I will give you a bit more detail about what I love. I absolutely love Business! I’ve been in business over 10 years. I worked the most of this time in Banking  then in Consulting and Recruiting. I absolutely love it. I got a degree in Business Administration and Banking and a MSc in Global Leadership. And I mean I am currently documenting my journey of becoming an entrepreneur – that’s pretty much a lot business to deal with. So, I guess this point is kind of ticket off.

I also love to blog – who would have guessed this!? When you read this you are probably aware of this fact. I started blogging because I wanted to document my learning journey – this is a nerd fact but I love learning new things. And to be creative.

What many of you probably don’t know is that I have started blogging roughly 1.5 years ago with a beauty account! Yes. Because I am also a woman and I love lipstick!

What does this mean for MyNutShare?
9 most loved pics
9 most loved pics

For MyNutShare this means I want to integrate these parts. And as it’s my blog I feel I can do whatever I want with it 😉 Just kidding. The blog MyNutShare will mainly stay business related. However I thought it might be nice to get a small touch of feminisms to this page. I am a female founder and I truly believe that makeup has an amazing power on how we feel. It’s not about how other people see us. I mean this! And I don’t want any of these ridiculous “you are pretty enough, you dont need any makeup” discussions here! It’s about how the person who puts the makeup on wants to feel and or be seen. Sometimes we girls simply enjoys putting on makeup. It’s not about you guys! Not at all!

Therefore beauty_sowhat will get a little corner on the page where I will share a little bit of makeup love.


BWM 22/100 – Impress yourself!

BWM 22/100 – Impress yourself!
BWM 22/100 – Impress yourself!

Yes, it’s cool to impress the cute boy next door. It’s cool to impress your best friend. It’s cool to impress your parents. It’s cool to impress your professor. It’s cool to impress your employer. It’s freaking cool to impress the world – I believe it’s cool. Haven’t done this one yet … Maybe someone who did could give me a hint on how cool it is, please?

But guess what is even cooler? To impress yourself!

Impress myself?

You are your longest commitment. You are the person you spend 24/7 with. You should not only love yourself and the time you spend with yourself but also impress yourself from time to time. Don’t you think?

Today I impressed myself.

Feeling pumped.

Pushing boundaries – relentlessly

For example I consider myself not a morning person. My husband would say the same. I don’t like mornings too much. It’s not that I hate everyone who is speaking before I had my caffeine intake but close. I just don’t really feel awake until after a certain amount of time.

So, I decided to go to bed a bit more early and while being in bed trying to sleep. This means no more social media, no reading. Not even this super thrilling novel. Nothing! Nada.

I forced myself to two spinnig classes at 7am last week. 7 am means being in the gym, on the bike, ready to rumble. I mean I love spinning ever since but 7 am is pretty tough for me. Especially before breakfast.

Well, anyways. I did it and I loved it! It was so much fun that I already signed up for both classes for this week.

Picture credit: TheBettyBoss
Picture credit: TheBettyBoss

Another thing which used to be really tough for me is planning my week ahead. Yesterday (Sunday as I am writing my blogs with one day time delay in case you haven’t noticed) I got myself a nice cup of my favourite tea, grabbed my notebook and did it! Oh boy was I proud 😉 just kidding. What made me proud was that this morning before the alarm went on at 5.30am I was already awake. And it was a Monday! I was happy, smiling and absolutely ready to rock this day.

By the time my hubby left stunned the house I had already accomplished 2 tasks of my list and was still in best mood.

Make it a habit!

To not keep it a one time success I will try establishing some things I am not particularly keen on. I will do this by including them in routines. Until they are only a habit I no longer have to think about. Like brushing my teeth. Or something I can somehow celebrate as either down time or me time like planning my week ahead.

How are you impressing yourself?

BWM 21/100 – Constantly learning and my nerdy self

BWM – Learning – Day 20
BWM – Learning – Day 21

On this journey I am learning more than ever! It’s kind of cool and my nerdy self loves it. But it’s not always fun tho because when you are responsible for building a business you have no choice what to learn. You simply have to figure stuff out.

Learning about Social Media – the fun bits

Since I started this journey a year ago with my blog I levelled up my social media skills a lot. I started with a private Facebook page, a LinkedIn and a Xing profile and lots of no clue. Oh, I also had a not used Twitter and Instagram account.

In the meanwhile I run 4 Instagram pages, 2 Facebook “business” pages, 4 Twitter Accounts and also try to keep my other profiles up to date. Plus I write regular Blog posts, which I now also try to SEO optimise. Yes, I actually had no clue how the hack to do this until a couple of months. (SEO – search engine optimisation). I even have run my first paid ads.

Sounds like nothing special? For me it was. I never really bothered to much with Social Media and now got pretty addicted.

These kind of stuff are definitely the fun bits of being an one woman show.

Figuring everything out – also the not so cool bits

The bigger part of creating a business is of course not social media and stuff but to learn about taxes, registering a company, writing a business plan etc. This is another part of the journey that requires a lot of learning on the job and along the way.

I believe the only way to do it is to read a lot, stay informed and not to overthink stuff. In some cases like taxes these are necessities and needs to be done. So it’s best to just get into the action part asap.

Some other tasks like writing a business plan can actually be a lot fun. When you do it for yourself and for no one else, you can create an awesome roadmap and start getting concrete on where your journey shall lead you. Sometimes, especially when you write the plan for an investor pr a bank you will have to put it into a certain layout. But in most cases it’s just an amazing way to think things through, structure your thoughts and know where you are going.


BWM 20/100 – a weekend as an entrepreneur and readiness

BWM – Happy Weekend– Day 20
BWM – Happy Weekend– Day 20

It’s the Weekend. The days many of us wait for since Monday, sometimes even already since Sunday.

Weekend. The days many self-employed use to go the extra mile. Also days we enjoy. But wake up at night worrying about revenue targets, health of our business and stuff to do.

“THE WEEKEND”.  The days of the week where you can’t simply pick up the phone and cold call clients. You’ll have to wait until Monday.

Sometimes these days in between that are responsible for our courage to pick up the phone to dwindle.

Client acquisition can be scary. Especially cold acquisition

With have been in sales since 10 years I did a lot of acquisition B2B and B2C. Especially as a recruitment consultant with business development you have to pick up the phone on a regular basis. I have built 3 portfolios from scratch and all of them needed a lot of hard work and results have been visible shortly after. So, the receipt for success seems to be easy and clear. But I believe it’s different when you start selling not only yourself – this is something we are doing anyway all the time. But also to sell something you are fully responsible for. Something you have created. Something that is not an established brand or has yet even been tested. Would you agree?

When do you know you are “ready”?

I believe we will never be ready! And this is somehow the fun part of this journey. The moment we are ready we have already lost momentum. Readiness means we deliver way too late. This does not mean we should go into acquisition totally blanket but you will define your pitch over time. You will probably adjust your product over time.

And the truth is we will never feel “ready to pick up the phone and make a cold call”. This is just not happening. Over time you will loose the fear to cold call and you will simply reduce the time between picking a number and calling.

How perfect does your product needs to be? Or is LEAN better?

I believe it partly depends on the product. For a technical product it’s probably best to test the market super early before spending large amounts of money.

For personality assessments I believe you have to be ready because this is something that simply requires a certain level of qualification to use it ethically.

For training you also should know the stuff you are going to train and understand that a trainings / teaching perspective is different from “just doing it”. But I believe also there you don’t have to have the perfect product ready.

Simply because otherwise you become inflexible to adjust to client and market needs.

How do you handle “readiness”?

What’s your opinion on this? How do you handle your wish to be prepared with the necessity of getting started?

BWM 19/100 – Everyone is NOT your customer!

BWM – You can't please everybody – Day 19
BWM – You can’t please every customer – Day 19

Everyone is NOT your customer! It’s simply not. Your product and also yourself is not everyone’s cup of tea. And that’s OK.

When you look around we have plenty of choices where to buy stuff. Restaurants for example of coffee shops – there are PLENTY of them out there. And even when you have picked one there is still a lot of variations to pick from. You can pick salads – various ones, pasta – various styles, coffees – various brews…. we live in a world full of options.

The customer has the option

Every customer has the option to decide to go for a deal or not. It’s the same whether you sell food, drinks or something else like consulting services.

Let’s take my example. I am building a professional services company. I offer sales and recruitment training as well as personality assessments within a recruiting and coaching context. It’s a pretty decent product and I also got the qualifications. I worked roughly 10 years in sales – highend sales in different industries. I have a masters degree and understand the scientific and psychological underlying of the assessments. I am certified for the assessment. I worked in recruiting in different countries. And and and … there is a lot of stuff on my plus side.

MyNutShare - that's me
MyNutShare – that’s me, customer ready?

But I have a piercing. I wear a nose ring. A big, beaded, golden one. Some people think it’s cool. Some people don’t care. Some people know that there is more important stuff when doing business with someone then just a look. Some people think it’s inappropriate for the work place. It doesn’t fit a dress code. Or they simply think it’s ugly. That’s just the way it is.  My piercing might be for some people a reason not to do business with me.

Why I know this? Because they tell me.

But guess what – as a business owner you have a choice too

You don’t have to go for every customer. You don’t have to appeal to everyone. You simply don’t. You have a choice. Not everybody is your customer. You won’t by a product that is made for everybody right? You buy a product because you think “hell yeah, this is so me” and not because you think “cool, all the boring neighbours have one of these as well”.

The same “rule” can be used when talking about your branding, your style, yourself. You can either play the game like the most people. Get back into your line and hope not to get noticed. Or you can embrace who you are? The choice is yours.

It’s the same for products, the way you build your business and which story you tell. You simply can’t please everybody. And this shouldn’t be your goal! Create profiles of your target customers and go after them.

In a connected world like ours it’s even possible to cover a niche and rock it. For example if you want to produce shoes made of old teabags from tea that has been sourced sustainably. You probably could do this. There might be a couple of more obstacles in realising this and finding your customers but you probably could do it. What is important is that you sell a solution for a real problem. And that you are clear about WHY you are doing it. “People don’t buy what you do, people buy why you are doing it” as Simon Sinek would say.

And last, we are in it to win it. Aren’t we, female founders? Let’s enjoy the ride and smash our goals and feel good by doing it. #womeninbusinessrock