BWM 18/100 – Life!

BWM – Live your life! – Day 18
BWM – Live your life! – Day 18

Life it what happens while we are making other plans. I guess this is what brings it to the point. Could end my post here. Just like that. All been said.

But it wouldn’t be a blog post obviously with only one sentence.

Last year I lost two very beloved family members and only recently a third one. That’s tough shit and there is no point in denying.

Death – the not so friendly reminder that life is endless

Yes, life is endless! Who would have thought that? Everyone you might think. But why the heck are we then acting so often as we would have all the time in the world? As if we would be around forever? Why aren’t we going out living our dreams and creating this one life we love?

When life is endless, why are we so scared? We won’t get out there alive anyways in the end.

We only regret the things we didn’t do

Another fact people have shared on the dying bed. We regret the times chances we didn’t take because we played it safe. We do regret that we didn’t do the things we would have loved to do because we found all our excuses and took them as reasons not to do. We only regret the things we didn’t do.

What do you want to be known for?

Your life is your story. The story you write over your lifetime. Do you want to leave a legacy? What do you want others to know you for? What shall be the story others tell about you?

We live in one of the most interesting times in the world. We have access to unlimited resources and information. We can share information with everyone in this world with only a laptop, smartphone or an internet cafe. We only need to start.

Most things simply don’t matter

You know what matters in the end? Not so much! But what does matter is to know you have been loved and you gave love. This is what matters in the end. Ideally this means that you have loved your life. You have lived a fulfilled life. You have found love in other people and were able to show them love. And very important you have been able to love yourself. I truly believe love matters.

I wish this post will help at least one single person to stop complaining about unimportant, tiny little bullshit. To stop whining and to stop hating. And to rather pick up the phone and tell someone they love that they love them. Do it as long as you have the time to.

This post is for you, you know who you are. I hope you have found a cosy place and know we all have loved and still love you to pieces! RIP!

BWM 17/100 – MyNutShare goes YouTube (German)

BWM – Mein Neustart als Gründerin – Day 17
BWM – Mein Neustart als Gründerin – Day 17

As many of you know I am German but run an english company, based in London. Therefore a lot of my stuff like those posts is in English. And that’s pretty cool. However, I also wanted to keep my German fellas included and decided to share my journey also on YouTube – in German.

BWM – Mein Neustart als Gründerin – Day 17
BWM on YouTube – Mein Neustart als Gründerin – Day 17

The first YouTube post just went online

The focus of this YouTube channel is not to have a absolutely beautiful and pretty appearance but rather to put out some quality content.

Quality over appearance?

Yes, at least in the beginning is this my focus. The reasons therefore are easy: I want to document my journey. Deliver value. Of course it would be nice to have a beautiful YouTube channel. Perfectly cut. Special effects and all this stuff. I am a person who absolutely loves and values aesthetic. But with being alone just now and building a business it simply can’t be covered just now. I need to evolve my cutting skills etc. and right now I don’t want sacrifice too much time as I have other priorities in getting this company running.

Beautiful YouTube Channel appearance as a goal

Yes, this is the logical consequence to evolve and make it more pretty – over time.

Just now I am happy I managed to throw myself out there – scary enough.

If you are a YouTuber or use Periscope or anything similar please do share your tips and best practices with me as I definitely want to game up.

Here is the video:


BWM 16/100 – 10x and other books

BWM – Build with me SalesTrainerIn and help me becoming a 10x Entrepreneur – Day 16
BWM – Build with me SalesTrainerIn and help me becoming a 10x Entrepreneur – Day 16

The title of today’s post is “10x and other books” because I want to talk about books. Books are an absolute essential tool on everybody’s journey – especially on the entrepreneurial one.

I think I have read more books or listened to Audiobooks in the last 2 years than at any other given time. I’m not talking about crime, thriller or other “novels” but rather I mean non-fiction books. Sales books, books about creating wealth. Books about building a business. About efficiency and productivity. About personality and motivation. The list is long… A couple of fiction books as well – when I needed a time out. But mainly non-fiction books.

A couple of you might think this is boring shit – then this is the right time to stop reading this post.

Why I believe books are an essential tool for an entrepreneur

Because you can find every information you need to know! In a super structured way. To every topic. Without searching for info and waisting too much time researching topics. Sure, sometimes you have to do your research and it’s then the right thing to do. But there are literally books for every topic. Some don’t even go out of style or out of date. Some stuff is still relevant from 100 years ago.

Hate reading? Take an Audiobook

Another reason is that you pretty often don’t even have to read it yourself. You can listen to Audiobooks – someone is read out to you. How amazing is this please? You can listen to the books when you commute, do  the laundry, use the crosstrainer or cook.

Still to lazy? Listen to a summary

Some books you done even have to read as a whole as there are amazing summaries out there with some key points. I even have a couple of them on my blog here. Like the one from Brian Tracy “Eat the frog”. Summaries like this are amazing when you just need a fresh up or when you want to get an idea whether the book is “right” for you.

Some books are worth reading tho

A couple of books you still should read. Absolutely read. One of them is “The 10x Rule” by Grant Cardone! I am currently listening to this book for the second time as it is an amazing motivational kick. It challenges your thinking about goal setting, middle class and competition. And action! Massive action! 10x action!

I have published a summary of the book earlier this year (you can check the summary out here). But I would absolutely recommend this book to everyone who has a dream and wants to get shit done. Who wants to get real. Who wants to be a big player.

Find people who inspire you and get inspired regularly, then take action!

Another inspirational leader on my journey so far is Gary Vaynerchuk! I have read / listened to all his books – currently finishing the “Thank you Economy”. And he is the man for everyone who doesn’t mind cursing. Who wants something real. Who wants to get inspired by real hustle and swag. I would recommend you his YouTube Videos or Ted Talks. I would recommend you the USC 2015 Keynote speak. Here is the link.

BWM 15/100 – Monday feeling when you are in charge!

BWM – Build with me SalesTrainerIn and help me becoming an Entrepreneur – Day 15
BWM – Build with me SalesTrainerIn and help me becoming an Entrepreneur – Day 15

Monday – for many, many the less loved day of the week …


Because we have to get back to work.

Because we no longer can do the stuff we enjoy doing.

Because we have pressure and have to get up early and and and ….

Monday the bad boy!  Wait a minute, really?!

Is it the Monday that make things bad? Or are it more the circumstances? The circumstances we pretty often have put ourselves into? The circumstances we don’t like but don’t change? Maybe you are not in the right job or maybe you are currently in a very shitty time of your life. That sucks. Yes, definitely. Totally. But how often non of this is the case and we are just bored? How often are we just unhappy? Unsatisfied? How often would we love to do something totally different but are just to comfortable to stay in our comfort zones? When we are honest with ourselves the answer might be “well, from time to time” or “actually, pretty often”.

Shall I change everything and fall in love with Monday?

Well, if this is what you love, you might like to. Another option is to avoid the Monday blues by

  1. getting aware that this is our life and we can do whatever we want. If we don’t like things we can pretty often change them.
  2. accepting the status quo if we do not want to change things and put the work needed for changes into it.
  3. planning something for Monday evening we very much look forward to.
  4. getting a Sunday routine and doing something enjoyable on a Sunday evening to be ready for the new week.
  5. setting ourselves goals for the week and see the Monday as a change with new goals to accomplish.
  6. writing a “to do” list on Friday evening already before leaving work so we can “switch off” the brain without the fear of forgetting something important.
Alternatively, put in the work and create the life you love!

We all got one shot and I truly believe we should take it. For me it’s being my own boss. This is 100% not the right or ideal way for a whole lot of people but it’s for me. Another dream I had was to move abroad. I got the most amazing chance as my husband lived abroad when we met. So it was kinda easy for me to go this step but I still had to do a couple of changes and maybe sacrifices. Whatever it might you want. Get clear about what you want and what it might take to realise it and create the life you love. Might be worth it.

Btw for me Mondays do not matter anymore – maybe this is why I post the Monday topic on a Tuesday…

BWM – MONDAY as a female founder
BWM – MONDAY as a female founder

Build with me – Day 14 as a female founder and full-time entrepreneur

BWM – Build with me SalesTrainerIn and help me becoming an Entrepreneur – Day 14
BWM – Build with me SalesTrainerIn and help me becoming an Entrepreneur – Day 14

Being a founder is super exciting. Being able to create your own reality is super fun. Being in charge for your own salary etc. can be tensing. Being a one-man show means a LOT to do. These are just a couple of changes I am currently going through and thoughts I have.

Another questions I ask myself all the time is “Is it OK to take a day off, at the beginning?”. With a day off I mean not working the weekends, not working on Sundays. There are various, different opinions about this topic out there.

Massive action – hustle non stop

Some say as a new entrepreneur you have to set super high goals and smash the shit out of them. Yeah, I can get that. However, I believe this whole “massive action and we are all just working for the next 10 years to then retire” kind of thing is very very big on Instagram. Is this the real world? Is this even something one should want to aspire? I’m not sure. Where is the fun?

Smash it and recharge! Not your baby!

Some other camps say “yes, smash the shit out of your goals but don’t forget your real life”. LIVE! And I guess I am totally on this side. Of course, everyone who has the imagination of becoming ones one boss because they want to work less will probably get disappointed. This is not how it works I guess. You want to work less? Stay or get an office job with option for remote working and become more productive. I guess, this is the easiest way to work less. When you are alone there is a whole lot of work to do – you literally have to do everything. Of course, you can outsource but you still have to do the outsourcing bit and brief virtual assistants etc. on what to do.

Project Management – work it, Girl

This is something that is pretty challenging. Structuring the whole work load. It’s like a massive project that needs to be set up, managed and accomplished.  It’s great to have the opportunity to work this. It is what literally kicks me out of bed in the morning – although I am absolutely not a morning person.

Some advice, please?? 🙂

How do build your business? Have have been built your business? Any tipps? Would love to share some best practice and learn from experienced founders.



Build with me – My second week as a full-time entrepreneur

BWM – Build with me SalesTrainerIn and help me becoming an Entrepreneur – Day 12
BWM – Build with me SalesTrainerIn and help me becoming an Entrepreneur – Day 12
BWM – Build with me SalesTrainerIn and help me becoming an Entrepreneur – Day 13
BWM – Build with me SalesTrainerIn and help me becoming an Entrepreneur – Day 13

Two weeks in on my entrepreneurial journey as a female founder.

It’s starting to feel a bit more real. A bit more “hell yeah, I’m living my dream”. It’s still scary and I guess it will be scary for a while – but that’s the fun, right!?

I think it’s absolutely on the time to say a massive THANK YOU to everybody who spontaneously joined me on this journey already. I say spontaneously because it’s a couple of people I have “met” randomly. Our ways have crossed by accident. Or destiny.

I am talking about all these loose connections either on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram who are just suddenly there. Who are a massive support for me and who are great people to walk the talk with.

Since I joined this journey and started blogging nearly a year ago (yeah, it’s MyNutShare’s birthday soon!) I truly believe that you can build doors for opportunity to lock onto!

And there is another, special group I want to mention:

Female Founders

There are not too many of us. And the ones who are there and I was lucky enough to connect with are simply amazing! There is absolutely no bitching or anything. Just massive support and empowerment from every angle. Our goal is to empower and inspire. Glad to be part of this amazing group!


Let’s go #girlbosses – we can be whoever we want to be, create whatever we want to create and live the life we want.

Build with me – Days 10 & 11 of my first 100 days as a full-time entrepreneur

BWM – Build with me SalesTrainerIn and help me becoming an Entrepreneur – Day 10
BWM – Build with me SalesTrainerIn and help me becoming an Entrepreneur – Day 10

The last two days I have been to an amazing qualification workshop and can now call myself a certified user of Hogan Assessments.

Whoop Whoop!

Hogan Assessments
BWM – Build with me SalesTrainerIn and help me becoming an Entrepreneur – Day 11
BWM – Build with me SalesTrainerIn and help me becoming an Entrepreneur – Day 11

I have spoken about about Hogan already before and must say those two days were simply amazing! Absolutely can’t wait to use this tool! It provides amazing insides on your reputation. Reputation means what other people think about you.


The qualification has taken place in Stuttgart, Germany. And it was simply amazing to participate in a very small workshop grow. To get some insights on how to use personality assessments in German. Until today I have only used them in English.

Entrepreneurship and Sparring

I only can recommend every aspiring entrepreneur to surround yourself with other entrepreneurs. Sure, you have already your inner circle, the people you trust. But it’s simply super beneficial to have an entrepreneurial exchange from time to time. To talk through obstacles and hurdles. With someone who has been there or is currently in the same position. To tackle the “ugly frogs” and share best practice. Huge recommendation! If you can’t find any entrepreneurs next to you please do get in touch. I am more than happy to introduce you to some active, international groups I am a member of.