BWM 42/100 – my day as an aspiring entrepreneur

BWM 42/100 - Build with me SalesTrainerIn
BWM 42/100 – Build with me SalesTrainerIn

Having worked 10 years as an employee in a corporate environment the entrepreneurial journey is pretty different. This means there are daily changes to be made to adapt to the new environment. So, I thought it might be interesting for you guys to share what my day has looked like in some detail. Please be aware that every day is pretty different and my tasks do vary a lot. But here is a real day in the real journey of becoming an entrepreneur and building my business.

Morning – some me time and setting myself up for the day

So, I started the day pretty early with an early bird workout at the gym. I like to include my workout as a first task in the morning to get some me time. And also to set myself up for the day. Usually my days are pretty unforeseen and my schedule can get mixed up easily. Therefore I love to have my workout done before the “official working day”.

After my hour workout I went back home and attempted my first call. When you are self-employed you don’t have a boss any longer. But this doesn’t mean you don’t have to match expectation and be totally free. I swapped my boss for stakeholders if you want.

So the first call was a conference call following my Hogan qualification. The time was super beneficially spent as it added a lot of value.

After this, I had another call where I exchanged information for a client meeting I design together with another company. This is something I very much love – having the flexibility to cooperate with other companies and brands to deliver the best value for my clients.

Then I had a third call, again a cooperation and some brainstorming. This is something I can recommend every new entrepreneur out there. Buddy up with people who are on the same journey and who’s brain you can pick. While doing so be willing to deliver a lot of value to your sparring partner. You might won’t see a direct return but you are in it for the long game, right?

Midday – getting some healthy food and work my list

Around 1pm I prepared myself a quick, healthy not to heavy lunch. I like something small like maybe an avocado or a salat – depending on how much I need. I also love some homemade juices and green smoothies. You can check out my favourite ones here.

After this I worked my to do list and checked my e-mails. Yes, I do not check my e-mails all the time as I like to focus on the task I am currently doing. I do not believe in the whole multitasking concept as I believe I am better of with focusing on what I am doing and do it mindfully. I also try to stay away from my mobile. One of the apps that help stay motivated to do so is “forest”. I have introduced this app in an earlier post. You can access this one here. After this I had another call scheduled with an accountant to get a quote.

I think having an accountant and professional partner on your side from the beging is a beneficial investment. Sure, it costs you some money but these people can also help you to keep on track, give some guidance and can help you grow. But you definitely do not need the most expensive service. There are great offers with a lot value for money.

Afternoon – working my schedule and get the content right

My afternoon started with another unexpected call. I will attend a networking event tomorrow – an amazing opportunity to meet interesting business people and get some attention. As professional networking is a super important topic I will do a separate post focusing on this.

Then I worked my schedule. This means to get some content for my training. Structuring my social media activities to get some traffic. Digging deeper into content and form them into helpful bits and pieces for my trainings. This stuff takes a lot of work and can be a lot of fun. It’s what I’m passionate about so I like to fully absorb into these things. I will put my phone on mute during this time – no more calls. No e-mails, only creating content.

With having two focuses on my business – training and consulting, there needs to be a bit of planning be involved. Therefore I like to schedule the things for priority and lay out the tasks in advance to get the best out of my time available. With being a startup this does also mean to not having every eventuality ready. I will have to stay flexible in my content creation – depending on what is mostly demanded from my clients. In general I believe this is a necessity as you want to keep your content up to date.

After this there will be some more planning -outlaying, creating and scheduling some social media content and plan out what to post when on which platforms.

How do you structure your days? What do you focus on?

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