What happened to MyNutShare?

So, what have happened to MyNutShare? Well, to be fair: NOTHING!

I started the whole “build with me” series and about halfway through I stopped, as you might have seen.

And to be fair I am not too sure what will happen with this page 🙂 I mean … I might keep documenting my journey but in a different format. Well, guess will how things turn out. If you have any suggestions what you might be most interested in, please feel free to reach out.
Also not too sure whether I’ll keep in English or swap it to German…

You can tell … there are many, many open questions.

BWM 55/100 – “Women entrepreneurs – example, not exception!”

BWM 55/100 - Build with me SalesTrainerIn
BWM 55/100 – Build with me SalesTrainerIn

We are women. We are a majority not a minority. It’s time for us to think BIG! One of the best ted talks for women entrepreneurs: “Women entrepreneurs – example, not exception!” by Gayle Tzemach Lemmon.

Because we are not an exception but leading examples!

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

If you could pick any person – with whom would you love to have breakfast? 🙂

With whom would you love to have breakfast?
With whom would you love to have breakfast?

BWM 40/100 – Real Entrepreneurship takes work – Gary Vee

BWM 40/100 - Build with me SalesTrainerIn
BWM 40/100 – Build with me SalesTrainerIn

I’ll keep it short and will simply link a video by Gary Vaynerchuk down below. It’s a video about real entrepreneurship, the journey of becoming an entrepreneur and the whole fakepreneur movement on Instagram just now.

That’s it for today – everything said. Time for some “real work”.

Take care guys.


MyNutShare turns 1!

English Squirrel
English Squirrel

Happy Birthday MyNutShare! 🙂 1 year already blogging! Btw my first post was “What is talent?“. So fun to see how my blogging style has changed over the period of only one year.

Therefore I thought it would be fun to share some pics with you that document that a lot of stuff has happened!

We shared a whole lot of nuts – as you can tell
First NutSharing
First NutSharing

Mainly in England tho but also in South Africa where we met those gorgeous fellas:

Hello? Is it me you're looking for?
Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?
Nuts, Nuts, Nuts
Nuts, Nuts, Nuts








Also, when I look at myself – at lot has changed and so did my looks…

Last bus rides as a postgraduate student
Last bus rides as a postgraduate student
From blond and short ...
From blond and short …
... to dark and mid long ...
… to dark and mid long …

This pic is from January 2016. Roundish this time I also filmed my first ever YouTube Video “8 golden Rules for successful Recruiting“.

First ever YouTube Video - whoop whoop
First ever YouTube Video – whoop whoop

And finally to now. Back to kind of blond – well, more a caramel I guess … married in the meanwhile and the founder of SalesTrainerIn.

Wedding vibes - the Bride
Wedding vibes – the Bride
Sometimes a girl has to be her own biggest believer and supporter!
Sometimes a girl has to be her own biggest believer and supporter!

BWM 32/100 – Overnight success

 BWM 30/100 – Build with me SalesTrainerIn
BWM 30/100 – Build with me SalesTrainerIn

Building a company is like many other things hard work. This hard work does not stop the day you register your company and change your job title to director. This is usually where the hard work starts. The real hard work.

It’s the same with every other profession – you have to work hard towards your goals to eventually achieve them. That’s it. There are no overnight successes out there. Do you know one?

Deep insight we all know they don’t exist. Why would we then still pressure with this picture of overnight success and use this fairy tale as a benchmark?

The stuff that happened before starting a company

This is something pretty personal and maybe not quite transferable to every single startup out there but to a whole bunch of them. Before someone decides to start a company this person has an idea. Ideas are easy. We all have them. All the time.

But to actually execute an idea it takes a bit more than just having an idea. You usually also have a feeling whether this idea might work, whether this idea might be something valuable. You usually will have an idea that is different from what’s available right now. This idea might ideally help solve a real problem.

How do you get such an idea and figure out whether this idea is valuable? You will probably get such an idea by having a clue of the area you want to solve a problem in. You will probably have a certain level of expertise and understanding of this area. And then you will have to test the idea and also test the market.

This means even before you actually start working and testing an idea you will have put in a certain amount of work already.

In my case this means for example having been in sales for 10 years – in different industries, roles and areas of sales.

Starting a company

Only because you then eventually decide your idea is worth spending more time on and eventually this results in starting a company the work you’ll have to put in won’t stop there. It then starts! You can be great in sales but it is something totally different to teach or train someone else becoming a great sales person. You won’t have immediate customers, supporters, concepts and products.

Therefore when a person has started a company they usually will have to figure out a lot of stuff. They usually will have to put in a whole lot of work to get the company ready to actually start.

You start from zero. NADA. There is no infrastructure given. There is no business model yet. There is no payment system. There are no contracts. There are no price calculations. There is nothing.

One month in already – are you already successful?

Depending on how you would define success I guess one could stretch the answer to this question. But the real case scenario is probably “No”.

Especially when building a company for the long run you won’t sell a totally lean version. Especially not when your product is professional service. You will of course adapt your products along the way and get better over time. But there is no point in rushing too quickly into things, loosing patience. This does definitely not mean to wait till your product or service is perfect – because it never will be. But it does mean that it must be OK to think things true, to get your toolkit ready, to build something presentable and sellable. You build a business. You change you life. You change your lifestyle. I’m in it for the long haul. And I’m in it to win it.

Patience and overnight success

This external pressure like “do you already have a huge client?” as well as my internal pressure to hit the road running has been part of my journey from the beginning. The pressure and impatience to get started asap, to have the urgency of making money. And I had to understand and learn that it’s OK that creating good trainings concepts takes some time. That I can’t compare my chapter 1 with someone’s chapter 189. It’s just not working like this. I am in this game full-time since a month. I am on a pretty good way, keeping up with my pace but it simply takes a lot of work and a bit patience and time. Building a company is not a sprint. It’s a life change.

This videos gives a pretty great impression of the overnight success fairy tale, hard work and patience. All credit goes to Gary Vaynerchuk!



BWM 25/100 – Stop being an a$$hole!

 BWM 25/100 – Stop being an a$$hole!
BWM 25/100 – Stop being an a$$hole!

I originally planned on writing about my first business breakfast and networking in this post but I believe this topic is more important.

Here’s why

I have received the following message from a professional network “I follow the looseness of your development. Not in details of course, but one or another metamorphosis you have been through. Content wise and also visually really exciting! Please allow (and understand my openness as a compliment): for my personal, subjective, stuffy taste there is one ring too much on the picture. (My nose piercing, we spoke about it before). My impression: This is not really you. So I know I’ve put myself on thin ice by saying this and I hope that you do not regard this as inappropriate. If you feel comfortable with it: leave it in!”

Absolutely limited by my appearance rather than my actions. Btw this person does not really know me at all.

This is what happened in the last two years – action wise

For roughly two years a lot of stuff has happened – otherwise then getting pierced. I’ll put it in a short list. These are my accomplishments as you might want to name it. I am not writing those to show off but to give a sense of what people could have seen in my life.


  • moved abroad
  • started and finished a postgraduate degree (MSc Global Leadership)
  • worked while studying full-time
  • have read as many non-fictional books on personal growth like never before
  • started this blog and am blogging regularly since a year, document what I have learned and try to save other people’s time by providing book summaries for example, try to deliver value in a nutshell
  • increased my English to a pretty good level
  • worked employed
  • got engaged and married
  • found all my braveness and started my own company, quit my job and am trying to make my dream work
  • got a piercing

So, you might think “why did she put the piercing there?” – because it’s the ONLY thing I get reduced to by a couple of people.

Being a woman on a professional social network

Other messages I have received to profile changes on LinkedIn and Xing are “there is something in your nose”, “you looked prettier before” – some people also like it. Then I get from business contacts messages like “:-*” or “what if I would have sent you a picture that would make you blush?”.

 BWM 25/100 – Stop being an a$$hole!
BWM 25/100 – Stop being an a$$hole!

Let’s just get this straight. A kissing smiley is NOT from someone close to me or on Facebook. It’s on a professional network with people I am connected with as business contacts! Btw. this message is harmless. Trust me, there are different other people on those networks who totally seem to get the purpose (professional business) of these networks wrong. I would have not posted this post if it would have happened only once or with only one person. But it happens even after I tell people I am married and behave professionally.

Anyways… I have written this post to just create a tiny bit of awareness. We should stop judging people by their appearance – btw. my weight is something to be discussed all the time as well. We should stop pressure our opinion on people – it’s simply not always relevant. We should accept that women have ambitious goals they want to reach too. And some of us only want to be the best version of ourselves.

Btw working on yourself is f****ing hard!!

Wishes for the future?

Stop hating, stop criticising. Why don’t we rather start supporting and empowering people in our network like we would do with celebs?


BWM 20/100 – a weekend as an entrepreneur and readiness

BWM – Happy Weekend– Day 20
BWM – Happy Weekend– Day 20

It’s the Weekend. The days many of us wait for since Monday, sometimes even already since Sunday.

Weekend. The days many self-employed use to go the extra mile. Also days we enjoy. But wake up at night worrying about revenue targets, health of our business and stuff to do.

“THE WEEKEND”.  The days of the week where you can’t simply pick up the phone and cold call clients. You’ll have to wait until Monday.

Sometimes these days in between that are responsible for our courage to pick up the phone to dwindle.

Client acquisition can be scary. Especially cold acquisition

With have been in sales since 10 years I did a lot of acquisition B2B and B2C. Especially as a recruitment consultant with business development you have to pick up the phone on a regular basis. I have built 3 portfolios from scratch and all of them needed a lot of hard work and results have been visible shortly after. So, the receipt for success seems to be easy and clear. But I believe it’s different when you start selling not only yourself – this is something we are doing anyway all the time. But also to sell something you are fully responsible for. Something you have created. Something that is not an established brand or has yet even been tested. Would you agree?

When do you know you are “ready”?

I believe we will never be ready! And this is somehow the fun part of this journey. The moment we are ready we have already lost momentum. Readiness means we deliver way too late. This does not mean we should go into acquisition totally blanket but you will define your pitch over time. You will probably adjust your product over time.

And the truth is we will never feel “ready to pick up the phone and make a cold call”. This is just not happening. Over time you will loose the fear to cold call and you will simply reduce the time between picking a number and calling.

How perfect does your product needs to be? Or is LEAN better?

I believe it partly depends on the product. For a technical product it’s probably best to test the market super early before spending large amounts of money.

For personality assessments I believe you have to be ready because this is something that simply requires a certain level of qualification to use it ethically.

For training you also should know the stuff you are going to train and understand that a trainings / teaching perspective is different from “just doing it”. But I believe also there you don’t have to have the perfect product ready.

Simply because otherwise you become inflexible to adjust to client and market needs.

How do you handle “readiness”?

What’s your opinion on this? How do you handle your wish to be prepared with the necessity of getting started?

Build with me – Day 9 of my first 100 days as a full-time entrepreneur

BWM – Build with me SalesTrainerIn and help me becoming an Entrepreneur – Day 9
BWM – Build with me SalesTrainerIn and help me becoming an Entrepreneur – Day 9

Do you know this saying “we only regret the things we didn’t do”? Or “I’d rather have a life full of ‘oh, well’ than ‘what if'”.

Do you? I do. And I believe this is pretty true.

When I started thinking about leaving the rat race. Thinking about finding my purpose. Thinking about doing what I love. Thinking about doing work that matters. Thinking about solving a problem I wish would have been solved …  then I thought about a lot of what if?

It were good what if’s though. They have been the first step in the direction to fight regret. Many, many people  have the dream of getting real but can’t fight their excuses. We all know them like “I don’t have time” – although we all have 24 hours a day. 1440 minutes.

How is it possible that some people get over their fears, loose all their excuses and get real? Have they figured it all out? I don’t believe so. I think it’s just a lot of curiosity. Curiosity combined with the knowledge that we will make mistakes. We will probably fail one time or another. Combined with the knowledge that many decisions are not ultimate. There might be a way back. It this “what if I fail? – What if you fly, my darling” kind of thinking.

It’s our life. We all have one shot. We should live it just the way we want it to. And sometimes we haven’t figured it all out but are brave enough to do it anyways. (Btw how boring would life be if we would have figured it all out?! Where would be the fun?). Maybe sometimes we have no idea what to expect. But maybe the pain to remain the same is just bigger than the fear to change?!

How did you fight your obstacles?

Build with me – Day 5 as a full-time entrepreneur

BWM – Build with me SalesTrainerIn and help me becoming an Entrepreneur – Day 4
BWM – Build with me SalesTrainerIn and help me becoming an Entrepreneur – Day 5

Day 5 as an entrepreneur was simply great.

Knowing you are on the right track

I had my pre-Hogan qualification feedback and we went through my personality profile. I have  already been trough a couple of personality assessment. And although I believe I know myself pretty well this feedback session was super beneficial as Hogan shows what other people think of people like you.

All together this call has made me even more determined that I am on the absolute right track. And that I have chosen the absolute right tool! Can’t wait to get started and use those assessments to help my clients.

Another great feature of Hogan Assessments ist that they help you identify target areas for development.

This whole thing gave me a great motivation push to work through my to do list.

What I also found super helpful is

  1. having a workout routine
  2. create a workspace you really love and only use for working

Would love to get some thoughts about personality assessments. Please feel free to drop me an email at stephanie@salestrainerin.com