BWM 51/100 – Seth Godins’ Purple Cow

BWM 51/100 - Build with me SalesTrainerIn
BWM 51/100 – Build with me SalesTrainerIn

I love listening to audiobook  when I work out. For me working out is me-time. Depending on the workout I sometimes listen to music but I prefer audiobooks. Most of the time non-fictional ones. I also do this when I commute. I then tend to listen to audiobooks that are not to “heavy on my thinking” but are super engaging.

Today I started Purple Cow.

Purple Cow

And so far I am absolutely loving this book. Purple Cow is not a newly published book at all but the thinking seems to be as up to date as possible.

This book is about “how to create remarkable products” – purple cows. Things become boring over time. Therefore products that catch attention in this new, totally packed and overcrowded space called internet need to be different.

As an entrepreneur this topic is super relevant. But also for everyone who either wants to build his / her own personal brand and all the marketers out there.

Book Summary

With all the posting in this BWM series and while building SalesTrainerIn Ltd I haven’t posted any book summaries recently but will probably do this in a while. Simply because I believe this is the best way for me to recap what I actually read and summarise the key takeaways. And for you to save you some time and make an informed decision whether you would like to invest your time and money to pick up the book yourself.

BWM 38/100 – Seneca “On the shortness of Life” by FightMediocrity

BWM 37/100 - Build with me SalesTrainerIn - valuing time
BWM 37/100 – Build with me SalesTrainerIn – valuing time

Today’s post will be slightly different from the others. But as I have spoken a lot about getting organised, structure your day, being efficient. In a nutshell it’s about valuing time as the most valuable asset we have. It’s the only thing we can’t get back or more of it. We all have one life. We don’t know for how long we will be on this planet.

Since roughly 2 years I am reading a lot of books and I am always on the outlook for great books. One I came across is an absolute classic. It’s called “on the shortness of life”.

Time – our most valuable asset

As mentioned above our time is crucial and valuable. Therefore I absolutely love great book summaries. The animated ones by FightMediocrity on YouTube are a great example. I found a super short version of “on the shortness of life” and decided to share it with you. It’s maybe not a real “summary” but transfers the message pretty well. You can find many more animated videos on his channel – worth a search.



MyNutShare’s Key Points – “EAT that FROG” by Brian Tracy

Eat that Frog! by Brian Tracy
Eat that Frog! by Brian Tracy

Here are my key points:

  • Tackle the most scary, annoying, whatever tasks you don’t really like to do first! Without interruptions – until you are done with it! If you have 2 tasks you don’t like – start with the one you like even less first. Do it. Reduce the time between deciding, which one is the most horrible one and taking action. After you have accomplished this you will feel better and rewarded.
  • Plan every day! In advance – the night before.
  • Which 20% of tasks are responsible for 80% of outcome? These are the important ones. Focus on the key result areas to set priorities.
  • Upgrade your key skills and leverage your special talents rather than improving your weaknesses.
  • Do not multitask. Do one task at a time with all your focus and you will be done quicker and probably with better results.
  • Set goals – everyday and focus on them. Know what you want to achieve and what is top priority for that day. If you can’t decide what to focus on think about which goal (if accomplished) has the greatest positive impact on your life?
  • Set deadlines for your tasks. Actually this principle is also recommended by Tim Ferris in “the 4-hour work week” (I will do a summary on this separately). Short deadlines that force you to take immediate action and get the task done in an efficient way rather than precasting with perfection.
  • Don’t tackle the task as a big one. Break it down so it becomes easier to do.
  • Watch your thoughts and become your own, biggest motivator.
  • Do not do everything. Priorities and procrastinate the rest. Do the tasks that have the most serious consequences and focus on these key result areas.