New Year’s Eve Attacks on Women in Germany at Cologne, Stuttgart, Hamburg


Hello everybody,

today we are getting a bit serious. And I think it’s important that we do not shut up at this topic or let fear stop us spreading the word.

I guess most of you know that I’m German and my hometown is close to Cologne. This year on New Year’s Eve celebrations at the Cologne main station, as well as in Stuttgart and Hamburg (two other German cities) extreme attacks on females have happened. I’m shocked! Large groups (it’s reported between 500 to 1.000)  of drunken, aggressive men have forced women to running the gauntlet, while they were pressed, sexually harassed and robbed. One girl was reportedly even raped.

We can’t end up with no longer feeling safe at home. Germany is a pretty safe country. We educate our children to respect women and we attach importance to gender equality.

Germany is a western, liberal country who respects diversity and individual differences. This is how I was raised and I believe my mindset is pretty liberal and open. The happened events on New Years Eve go beyond my expectations and make me angry! Women shouldn’t feel scared because of their gender. No matter whether they are on their way home alone late at night, wearing a super short skirt or whatever. It’s NOT the women’s job to ensure men behave. It’s the men who need to behave. There is absolutely no excuse. The only exception when women need to pay attention is when raising men to treat women as equal or better as queens. I can’t and I won’t tolerate to live anyhow in fear or think twice about celebrating New Year’s Eve, Cologne carnival or ANY other occasion.

I believe it’s up to us, every one of us, to defend our values, our way of living and our tolerance. This post does discriminate unethical behaviour and I seriously don’t care what your race, nationality, or what so ever is. Treat women with respect. Everywhere, always! Treat everyone with respect. I seriously ask myself in what kind of world are we living?

These events are happening around the corner, these are not so-called ‘third-world problems’. They are first-world problems and there shouldn’t be any tolerance for respect less, fucked up behaviour.