BWM 17/100 – MyNutShare goes YouTube (German)

BWM – Mein Neustart als Gründerin – Day 17
BWM – Mein Neustart als Gründerin – Day 17

As many of you know I am German but run an english company, based in London. Therefore a lot of my stuff like those posts is in English. And that’s pretty cool. However, I also wanted to keep my German fellas included and decided to share my journey also on YouTube – in German.

BWM – Mein Neustart als Gründerin – Day 17
BWM on YouTube – Mein Neustart als Gründerin – Day 17

The first YouTube post just went online

The focus of this YouTube channel is not to have a absolutely beautiful and pretty appearance but rather to put out some quality content.

Quality over appearance?

Yes, at least in the beginning is this my focus. The reasons therefore are easy: I want to document my journey. Deliver value. Of course it would be nice to have a beautiful YouTube channel. Perfectly cut. Special effects and all this stuff. I am a person who absolutely loves and values aesthetic. But with being alone just now and building a business it simply can’t be covered just now. I need to evolve my cutting skills etc. and right now I don’t want sacrifice too much time as I have other priorities in getting this company running.

Beautiful YouTube Channel appearance as a goal

Yes, this is the logical consequence to evolve and make it more pretty – over time.

Just now I am happy I managed to throw myself out there – scary enough.

If you are a YouTuber or use Periscope or anything similar please do share your tips and best practices with me as I definitely want to game up.

Here is the video:


BWM 15/100 – Monday feeling when you are in charge!

BWM – Build with me SalesTrainerIn and help me becoming an Entrepreneur – Day 15
BWM – Build with me SalesTrainerIn and help me becoming an Entrepreneur – Day 15

Monday – for many, many the less loved day of the week …


Because we have to get back to work.

Because we no longer can do the stuff we enjoy doing.

Because we have pressure and have to get up early and and and ….

Monday the bad boy!  Wait a minute, really?!

Is it the Monday that make things bad? Or are it more the circumstances? The circumstances we pretty often have put ourselves into? The circumstances we don’t like but don’t change? Maybe you are not in the right job or maybe you are currently in a very shitty time of your life. That sucks. Yes, definitely. Totally. But how often non of this is the case and we are just bored? How often are we just unhappy? Unsatisfied? How often would we love to do something totally different but are just to comfortable to stay in our comfort zones? When we are honest with ourselves the answer might be “well, from time to time” or “actually, pretty often”.

Shall I change everything and fall in love with Monday?

Well, if this is what you love, you might like to. Another option is to avoid the Monday blues by

  1. getting aware that this is our life and we can do whatever we want. If we don’t like things we can pretty often change them.
  2. accepting the status quo if we do not want to change things and put the work needed for changes into it.
  3. planning something for Monday evening we very much look forward to.
  4. getting a Sunday routine and doing something enjoyable on a Sunday evening to be ready for the new week.
  5. setting ourselves goals for the week and see the Monday as a change with new goals to accomplish.
  6. writing a “to do” list on Friday evening already before leaving work so we can “switch off” the brain without the fear of forgetting something important.
Alternatively, put in the work and create the life you love!

We all got one shot and I truly believe we should take it. For me it’s being my own boss. This is 100% not the right or ideal way for a whole lot of people but it’s for me. Another dream I had was to move abroad. I got the most amazing chance as my husband lived abroad when we met. So it was kinda easy for me to go this step but I still had to do a couple of changes and maybe sacrifices. Whatever it might you want. Get clear about what you want and what it might take to realise it and create the life you love. Might be worth it.

Btw for me Mondays do not matter anymore – maybe this is why I post the Monday topic on a Tuesday…

BWM – MONDAY as a female founder
BWM – MONDAY as a female founder