Just a German Girl in London: 32 Great Reasons to Move Abroad #livingabroad

MyNutShare - Just a German Girl in London - Living Abroad
MyNutShare – Just a German Girl in London – Living Abroad

Thanks everybody for your great and positive feedback to my latest blog post You are so lucky to live in London. Here are some reasons why I think  it’s great to live abroad or travel as much as you can.

  1. You get to know yourself very well.
  2. You’ll stretch your mind because you continuously have to get out of your comfort zone
  3. You’ll experience a lot of challenges. This is tough. But when you achieve to manage those you will feel soooooo, soooooo good
  4. You’ll find pleasure on little things that you wouldn’t have thought to matter
  5. You’ll see, eat, experience continuously new things and everyday life can become pretty exciting
  6. You’ll miss home and learn to be grateful
  7. You’ll figure out who are the friends that love you and are there for you (of course, vice versa) no matter the distance
  8. You can receive parcels from home and exchange parcels, which is a great thing to do
  9. You’ll meet new people
  10. You’ll realise that a lot of people do have exactly the same experiences as you and therefore new friendships can sometimes build on a more intense basis – similarities connect
  11. You’ll feel home on more places than just ‘home’
  12. Heimat becomes something special – you will become sentimental and sometimes homesick but to head ‘home’ to see your loved gets you excited as a child on christmas
  13. You’ll relax  – you’ll have the chance to step back from expectations, cultural norms and figure out what you truly want
  14. Therefore you will become more independent and value more your own decision-making skills
  15. You can restart in a certain way – no one knows you anyway so you don’t have to deal with expectations or stereotypes
  16. You’ll have a lot tourist moments in the city / country you live in because you absorb things differently. When I lived in Germany I actually haven’t traveled too much within the country or did a lot of sightseeing within the cities I lived in, because I always felt I could do it later. But living abroad – especially if it’s for a limited time only, will create a certain sense of urgency to do so
  17. Your language skills will progress incredibly – simply because you have no other choice
  18. Distances will no longer matter that much
  19. You’ll become proud of your cultural ID while also …
  20. … growing into another culture. The world becomes your home.
  21. You’ll become more aware of cultural differences and learn to appreciate them
  22. You’ll learn so much by having friends from all over the world
  23. You’ll realise when talking to tourists how much you have learned – i.e. London transportation and the tube map and a lot of other things
  24. You can do whatever you want (of course, just the legal stuff) and many people wouldn’t even care as it’s more anonymous
  25. You’ll learn how to ask for help …
  26. … and while doing so get more confident in not having the perfect language skills
  27. Especially when you relocate or travel with a limited amount of luggage you’ll declutter and simplify your life.
  28. You’ll learn to focus more on collection of moments rather than clutter and stuff
  29. You’ll anyways find loads of cute stuff you want to take with you
  30. You’ll realise that things you are good at can be totally challenging because you don’t understand a word (i.e. for me an aerobics class) – and you’ll be so proud of yourself when you manage to participate anyways
  31. You’ll be surprised how people from different countries think about your home country and you’ll create great memories. I gonna share my favourite example with you. A friend of mine from Taiwan was totally surprised when I had a salat because she believed that Germans just eat sausages and meat.
  32. You’ll have conversations about things you would never think you could have a serious conversation about and you’ll totally enjoy it. And let’s be honest it’s great to get to know everything about other cultures when it’s shared from locals

What else do you think makes the adventure ‘living abroad’ so worthy? Let me know – either in the comments or drop me a message.

Lots of love,

Steph xx

Just a German Girl in London – London you Beauty

Hello everybody,

I decided to start a new series about ‘Living abroad’ and my experiences since my relocation to London 1.5 years ago. Please feel free to drop me any questions you might be interested in to be answered.

Today’s kick-off post is about London’s beauty and I’m going to share some pictures with you I made. The last ones from St. Paul’s were made recently (yesterday + today) and have shown me why I love this city so much: it let me become touristy every once in a while 🙂


MyNutShare - Big Ben & Westminster Abbey, London, United Kingdom
MyNutShare – Big Ben & Westminster Abbey, London, United Kingdom
MyNutShare - Big Ben & London Eye, London, United Kingdom
MyNutShare – Big Ben & London Eye, London, United Kingdom
MyNutShare - St. James's Park, London, United Kingdom
MyNutShare – St. James’s Park, London, United Kingdom
MyNutShare - Wine at Hammersmith's Bridge, London, United Kingdom
MyNutShare – Wine at Hammersmith’s Bridge, London, United Kingdom

You can find a couple of lovely pubs right by the river – stunning, beautiful and so relaxing. Give it a try next summer.

MyNutShare - Kensington Gardens, London, United Kingdom
MyNutShare – Kensington Gardens, London, United Kingdom
MyNutShare - Wildflower Cafe, London, United Kingdom
MyNutShare – Wildflower Cafe, London, United Kingdom

The Wildflower Cafe in Notting Hill is one of my favourite spots for breakfast and coffee – especially on a lazy Sunday or right before a  Portobello Road Market stroll on a Saturday.

MyNutShare - St. Paul's Cathedral, London, United Kingdom
MyNutShare – St. Paul’s Cathedral, London, United Kingdom
MyNutShare - St. Paul's Cathedral, Red Bus, Black Cab, London, United Kingdom
MyNutShare – St. Paul’s Cathedral, Red Bus, Black Cab, London, United Kingdom

This picture sums up London perfectly for me – you see St. Paul’s Cathedral in the back, the classical double-decker red bus in the middle and two black Cabs in the front.

Do you have any lovely pictures to share? Would love to see them – you can also tag me on Facebook or Instagram.

P.S. Yes, Tower Bridge and some other classics are missing but I’m going to make some more posts about this topic 🙂 So, stay tuned.

XOXO Stephanie

Shared Cultures & Being Global (Infographic)

Shared Culture and Being Global (Infographic)
Shared Culture and Being Global (Infographic)

New Year’s Eve Attacks on Women in Germany at Cologne, Stuttgart, Hamburg


Hello everybody,

today we are getting a bit serious. And I think it’s important that we do not shut up at this topic or let fear stop us spreading the word.

I guess most of you know that I’m German and my hometown is close to Cologne. This year on New Year’s Eve celebrations at the Cologne main station, as well as in Stuttgart and Hamburg (two other German cities) extreme attacks on females have happened. I’m shocked! Large groups (it’s reported between 500 to 1.000)  of drunken, aggressive men have forced women to running the gauntlet, while they were pressed, sexually harassed and robbed. One girl was reportedly even raped.

We can’t end up with no longer feeling safe at home. Germany is a pretty safe country. We educate our children to respect women and we attach importance to gender equality.

Germany is a western, liberal country who respects diversity and individual differences. This is how I was raised and I believe my mindset is pretty liberal and open. The happened events on New Years Eve go beyond my expectations and make me angry! Women shouldn’t feel scared because of their gender. No matter whether they are on their way home alone late at night, wearing a super short skirt or whatever. It’s NOT the women’s job to ensure men behave. It’s the men who need to behave. There is absolutely no excuse. The only exception when women need to pay attention is when raising men to treat women as equal or better as queens. I can’t and I won’t tolerate to live anyhow in fear or think twice about celebrating New Year’s Eve, Cologne carnival or ANY other occasion.

I believe it’s up to us, every one of us, to defend our values, our way of living and our tolerance. This post does discriminate unethical behaviour and I seriously don’t care what your race, nationality, or what so ever is. Treat women with respect. Everywhere, always! Treat everyone with respect. I seriously ask myself in what kind of world are we living?

These events are happening around the corner, these are not so-called ‘third-world problems’. They are first-world problems and there shouldn’t be any tolerance for respect less, fucked up behaviour.

Characteristics of Culture (Infographic)

Characteristics of Culture
Characteristics of Culture

Some time ago I published a post ‘What is Culture’ on the blog. Today I wanna present you some characteristics of culture. Hostede has defended that ‘culture’ in general is only to use to describe and differentiate countries form each other – however it is not used to describe and differentiate individuals.

Does this mean that individuals can’t have a culture?  No, it just means that each individual is unique and the word culture is only used to compare a group of individuals.

Do you agree with this definition?

First MyNutShare ‘Fan Post’ :) THANK YOU!!!!

MyNutShare - Fan Post
MyNutShare – Fan Post


Hello everybody,

I received my very first ‘Fan Post’ and it’s soooooooo cute!!! It just made my day!! A lovely girl I met on a friend’s wedding has sent me a parcel with some gorgeous little treats in it. Amongst other things there were these two adorable squirrels and the wooden hazelnut that you can see on the picture. One of the squirrels is even branded with my hashtag #mynutshare. This just made my day! No words to express. Thank you love!!! I really, really appreciate this and can’t stop smiling! I would have never ever expected so much and such a great support! Especially as we have just met recently. But I guess sometimes, some people just walk  into your life and enrich it! Thank you for sooo much awesomeness! Xx Steph

My Nut Share goes YouTube

Hi everybody,

I’m a bit excited as I filmed today my first ever Vlog! The format is weird and I didn’t know how to cut it properly … well, to cut it at all .. but here it is. And remember the  saying ‘If you are not totally embarrassed by the first version of your product, you launched too late”. So this been said. Now, enjoy, have fun and let me know what you think. And of course I would appreciate if you would follow mynutshare on YouTube (and of course on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook …  😉 )



Cross-Cultural Competence – What we can learn from the Instagram Beauty Community

Hi everybody,

Beautybloggers and Cultural Competence
Beautybloggers and Cultural Competence

I know, the title might sound a bit weird as it’s not what I would regularly post- but it’s true and I think essential. I consider myself as slightly makeup addicted and so would do my friends. Therefore it was time to share my passion with same minded people. I chose Instagram as my favourite channel to do so. I created a beauty account and started blogging about beauty. First, it was more a fun thing (which it still is, I love it). I wanted to see how quick I could build a community within a new media (for me at that time absolutely new, just used it as a private user).  Since a couple of months I am now posting on my Instagram account nearly daily and give recommendations, product reviews, makeup of the day shots etc.. I expected to find maybe a couple of other girls that love makeup. But I didn’t not expect THIS! It’s just awesome. We are a community. I guess it’s not called for no reason Instagram-Family because I consider this is what we are, somehow. I have now over 900 follower – many others have soooo much more followers but it doesn’t make any difference. Everybody is an equal member of this family. In this post I want to share with you why I think it as great as it is and what we can adapt to open up our minds.

We are a community

Beauty blogging is like a huge community that embraces new members, new looks, new faces. I don’t wanna say that there are no ‘haters’ out there. Especially people with a hugh YouTube channel will experience hater comments from time to time – I guess this is just the ‘normal thing’. Bullies that hide behind the anonymity of the world wide web. Well, I haven’t experienced anything like this myself so far. I started getting into this community by posting first makeup pics, hauls, reviews etc.. The fun about this is the interaction with other members. Sure, as in every family there are sometimes disagreements especially about cruelty free products or products of companies with a bad reputation. But in general we can figure this out and it’s nothing personal but just disagreement with this decision to use a certain product. Unethically user behaviour however is handled more critical – you have always the chance to unfollow.

We have a purpose

I guess for most people the purpose is to educate, explain and share best practices on ‘how to dress your face’. When someone is showing his makeup stash and storage solutions it’s not about ‘showing off’ but to share ones passion with the others. Usually this makeup addiction is something ‘everyday friends’ who are simply not that much into make up can’t and don’t want to handle. So, to whom talk about it when not having a bunch of makeup artists in your friends community?

However, after starting my blogging some girls of my private life are seeking out for some great makeup tips – the exchange does outgrow the online space.

We embrace individual differences and empower

Here are two great examples – however, there are sooo many more great people out there who embrace and inspire daily!

Nikkie from Nikkietutorials with her pretty famous ‘The power of makeup’ video (watch it here: The power of makeup) with the message: Makeup is fun! You don’t do it for boys or because you are feeling insecure but because you want it!

Em from mypaleskinblog with her absolute bold and courageous video ‘You look disgusting’ (watch the video here: You look disgusting ). She is an absolute hero. Em is an absolutely gorgeous, sweet girl who is doing acne coverage videos and create awesome, stunning looks out of it. I absolutely love watching her tutorials. Many girls are not too comfortable to leave the house without any makeup – we simply feel insecure because of the expectations and beauty forces we are exposed to. Em starts her tutorials without any makeup on. She has acne and gives tutorials on how to cover it. These tutorials are absolutely amazing and should be a great help for all girl with skin problems. However, she got so many ugly, nasty comments that she made a video out of it (see above). Those comments are not just mean but also weird as they turn into nice compliments for her stunning looks after applying makeup. I would expect those comments do

Makeup a fake?
Makeup a fake?

come mainly from people outside the beauty community because ‘this is fake advertising’ would no makeup lover ever say! This whole things is pretty tragic and I just can say ‘Em, chapeau, for all your courageous to publish this video and making people aware of the bullying’. What happened is – she got a great positive resonance and the haters were simply shut up. This is for me absolute top level of answering haters! You are a role model for everybody! Chapeau!

Age, language, religion do not matter at all

The closest ‘buddies’ I found mainly not my age at all. To be honest, the age differences are pretty big – but it doesn’t matter! We are family! I post my picture  captions mainly in english and comment in either german or english. This means not everyone can understand my comments. Neither can I understand everything what my dutch, Egyptian, spanish are talking about. But with our likes we share our understanding and our togetherness.

Everyone is equal – no matter gender or number of followers

Sure, when you have more follower you can reach more people out there and are more influenceable and you are more busy to reply to comments etc. However, I know so many people with many followers that are just really likeable and still close to their ‘fans’.

I put on gender here because I assume that most people would think makeup community is just a bunch of girls crazy about makeup. It’s not. It doesn’t matter the gender. There are some great guys out there whose contouring skills are just out of reach, whose highlighting is on point and who manages the art of an absolute flawless complexion. And I think this is an absolute awesome example on embracing everybody’s individual differences and in living diversity. Check out Alex here and you will also find so many more great male makeup artists. Makeup is a fun thing and it’s for you to feel good.

Great stuff leads to great feedback

It doesn’t matter how much makeup you owe, how much high end makeup do you have or what’s the overall worth of your products. Within the community there are different sub cultures that are embraced and celebrated. For example a lot of people post haul videos on youtube – each month. These videos have the content to show what the blogger has shopped. No intense review, not really much added – just shopping. These videos are highly popular and I guess nearly all of us love new makeup. However, there is a community determined to ‘pan’ their makeup. This is a term for finishing makeup (i.e. use it up). ‘Hit the pan’ is the status when for example an eyeshadow is so much used up that you actually can see the pan that holds the eyeshadow. This community with their philosophy ‘shop your stash and finish your makeup before buying new makeup’ is the totally opposite to the ‘shopping community’. But again, differences are embraced and people that manage to finish up a whole eyeshadow palette inspire others to do the same. Both communities are growing and supporting each other! Again, embrace diversity and celebrate individual differences, behaviours and ways of thinking. In general do I experience the makeup community as pretty supporting – as each other online community. The members are family.

It’s no longer ‘just makeup’

Makeup was our starting point – we have outgrown this and we are on the way to become friends. With many users I am in a daily exchange – although it is sometimes just a ‘good morning beautiful, have a fab day’ or just a heart emoji or a bunch of likes on the new stuff. We make sure that we show the others (of course not everybody, but your close buddies) that we are there. And as I said some relationships are getting even closer. Some of the girls do know better what’s in my mind, what’s happening through my days, what challenges I am facing and how I survive than some of my real life friends. And same way around. I am happy to give some advice to a girl who needs me. And I guess the anonymity and distance does it make easier for all of us to open up, to be just us. Some girls you get really close to without knowing their name, maybe without ever have seen their faces but all these ‘things’ that are highly important in real life just do not matter. It’s not about first impression management. It’s not about whose face has the nicest and most prettiest features. It’s about your skills and your passion for makeup. And I guess this unconventional way to get to know a person is a great basis to start with. And I know many makeup lovers who have met on blogger events, personal dates or exchanged packages and became real life friends. People that maybe have never met in real life or haven’t found out what their connection might be.

This is just an example but I just want you to go out, find your buddies and get to know the people behind a cultural branding. People are so much more than just their cultural backgrounds. People don’t need words or the same language to become friends or have a good time together. Be open, grow your mindset, push your boundaries and find new friends that make you smile every day.

What is Culture? (Infographic)

What is Culture? Infographic by My Nut Share
What is Culture? Infographic (not fully comprehensive) by My Nut Share

My Nut Share – The WHY’s

Hello everybody,

My Nut Share, my business blog, has kicked-off last month and some readers found I put pretty much effort into ‘just a blog’ with having also a presence on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and of course the webpage itself. So I thought it might be the time to express my WHY. Why am I blogging? Why this name? And why do I want to blog about these three main topics.

  1. Why do I blog?

Obviously there are many good reasons why people or businesses do start a blog. My main reasons are that I do like blogging and I think it’s an awesome way to share what drives my mind. And especially to share it with people who are interested in it, hopefully. This blog is not going to give answers to all questions I might ask but it helps me to organise my thoughts. To create a proper blog post I am kind of forced to do some research, to learn about things, to extract the keys and to share my thoughts around them. I hope over the time to be able to build a network to exchange ideas and help to close the gap between research literature and practitioners point of views.

To summarise it: My Nut Share shall help to connect the world in a fun and enjoyable way and motivate others to not stay shut up but embrace your own thoughts.

  1. Why did I pick the name ‘My Nut Share’?

I absolutely do love squirrels and it’s my nickname. And squirrels do love nuts – to share something that is important to you makes a nut share.

  1. Why do I want to blog about these topics?


People are simply the most important asset organisation has!


I am fascinated with entrepreneurial thinking and I do believe that intrapreneurship is still not getting enough attention by now. So I want to give a shout out to all (corporate) entrepreneurs out there.


I do believe that “Being global is not an option. It’s an imperative” (Cabrera, Unruh, 2012) – but many of us are not yet global enough. I am crazy enough to believe we can change the world or at least open up our mindsets and get rid of a couple of boxes.

Maybe My Nut Share can help to provide curious minds with a bit more cross-cultural confidence – myself included.

My Nut Share is somehow my learning process. A journey I got myself on and I am happy to share my findings with you. I am keen to see who might walk a bit with me on this journey.

Happy Blogging!

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