Formal education will get you only so far…

We all know the “cinderella” stories of college dropouts who became billionaires and super successful entrepreneurs – yes, might have happened. But I don’t buy too much into these stories. I believe former education is important, I believe learning is important and I believe learning doesn’t stop after school. Ideally it will never stop. There is this saying – formal education will make you a living, self education will make you a fortune.

We spend roughly 8-10 years at school, some of us spend 3 years at University to get an undergrad degree, further 1-2 years to get a Master’s and some even a couple of more years to do a PhD.

By the time we enter the workplace we have to completely restart and start learning again. This time the stuff we really need for the workplace. Whatever we learnt in school or University will only get us that far. We will be compared with people who have worked in the job, the industry, the company longer and got therefore more on-the-job experience.

I am wondering isn’t it finally time to revolutionise, to disrupt formal education? Rather learning how to interpret a poem, how to tell people in english and french what’s in my pencil case or what someone’s pet is named shouldn’t our formal education help us better

  • how to set goals and how to achieve them
  • how to believe in ourselves
  • how to be grateful
  • how to be mindful
  • how to push our boundaries
  • how to create a brand
  • how to deal with money and how to make a tax refund
  • to learn cross-cultural competence
  • to embrace change, curiosity and challenges
  • why self education is essential and we must never stop learning
  • ….

Which things are you missing?


MyNutShare Book Recommendation: Grant Cardone – If you’re not first, you’re last

MyNutShare - Book Recommendation Grant Cardone
MyNutShare – Book Recommendation Grant Cardone

Yes, this months it’s a lot Grant Cardone related stuff, however, I am currently consuming all the Audiobooks and some Videos – this is why.

My key take aways from “If you’re not first, you’re last”:

  • Play to win. Competition is for Sissy’s, you want to dominate your market
  • Obscurity is your biggest enemy – make sure you stick
  • Your second biggest enemy is white space on your calendar
  • There are no bad times to make business – go, build value and rock economic contractions
  • Don’t take the economy as an excuse
  • Money finds perceptions of value – not the lowest price. Decreasing your price is not the answer. The price is a myth. Increase the value and show the prospect, how you solve a problem
  • Value your power houses, go the extra mile, value your existing and future customers
  • Counter intuitive behaviour to cut edge
  • Taking massive action is what you want – and need
  • Think outside the box – who has set the rules anyways?
  • Customer Satisfaction is not the primary goal! Dominate, generate new customers and wow your customers is your goal! Earn the business
  • Sales people are made, not born. Learn to sell and keep your pipeline up. In fact, teach and invest in the sales skills of your workforce. Everyone needs to know how to pitch your business and how to sell.
  • Having trouble selling a first product with a budget? Ask for the second sales as well! Advance and conquer, cross-sell
  • Value add proposition – know your USP
  • Always stay hungry! Everything healthy grows

Being myself a sales professional I can say there is a lot to take away from this book re getting the right mindset and also taking action by getting hands-on best practice advice. But this book is also essential for every employee who cares about job security – it’s a great way to develop an intrapreneurial mindset and become a super valuable asset for every employer.

For every business owner and manager this book is a must! Essential survival guide for succeeding in tough times and slow markets.

MyNutShare book recommendation: Grant Cardone – The Secrets of Selling

Audiobook Grant Cardone - The Secrets of Selling
Audiobook Grant Cardone – The Secrets of Selling

Do you consider yourself a sales person? No? Then you need to check out this short Audiobook – everyone is selling ALL THE TIME! Always. Relationships are selling yourself to someone, being an entrepreneur means selling your products. We are selling ourself all the time to everybody in every interaction.

For all the sales people out there who know sales and am professional this book probably won’t bring to many new insights but it’s a nice refresher – and it’s short, so no huge time investment. Nice read for a commute and a bit of a motivational kick to all sales heroes out there.

Thumbs up, Grant Cardone.