BWM 22/100 – Impress yourself!

BWM 22/100 – Impress yourself!
BWM 22/100 – Impress yourself!

Yes, it’s cool to impress the cute boy next door. It’s cool to impress your best friend. It’s cool to impress your parents. It’s cool to impress your professor. It’s cool to impress your employer. It’s freaking cool to impress the world – I believe it’s cool. Haven’t done this one yet … Maybe someone who did could give me a hint on how cool it is, please?

But guess what is even cooler? To impress yourself!

Impress myself?

You are your longest commitment. You are the person you spend 24/7 with. You should not only love yourself and the time you spend with yourself but also impress yourself from time to time. Don’t you think?

Today I impressed myself.

Feeling pumped.

Pushing boundaries – relentlessly

For example I consider myself not a morning person. My husband would say the same. I don’t like mornings too much. It’s not that I hate everyone who is speaking before I had my caffeine intake but close. I just don’t really feel awake until after a certain amount of time.

So, I decided to go to bed a bit more early and while being in bed trying to sleep. This means no more social media, no reading. Not even this super thrilling novel. Nothing! Nada.

I forced myself to two spinnig classes at 7am last week. 7 am means being in the gym, on the bike, ready to rumble. I mean I love spinning ever since but 7 am is pretty tough for me. Especially before breakfast.

Well, anyways. I did it and I loved it! It was so much fun that I already signed up for both classes for this week.

Picture credit: TheBettyBoss
Picture credit: TheBettyBoss

Another thing which used to be really tough for me is planning my week ahead. Yesterday (Sunday as I am writing my blogs with one day time delay in case you haven’t noticed) I got myself a nice cup of my favourite tea, grabbed my notebook and did it! Oh boy was I proud 😉 just kidding. What made me proud was that this morning before the alarm went on at 5.30am I was already awake. And it was a Monday! I was happy, smiling and absolutely ready to rock this day.

By the time my hubby left stunned the house I had already accomplished 2 tasks of my list and was still in best mood.

Make it a habit!

To not keep it a one time success I will try establishing some things I am not particularly keen on. I will do this by including them in routines. Until they are only a habit I no longer have to think about. Like brushing my teeth. Or something I can somehow celebrate as either down time or me time like planning my week ahead.

How are you impressing yourself?

BWM 15/100 – Monday feeling when you are in charge!

BWM – Build with me SalesTrainerIn and help me becoming an Entrepreneur – Day 15
BWM – Build with me SalesTrainerIn and help me becoming an Entrepreneur – Day 15

Monday – for many, many the less loved day of the week …


Because we have to get back to work.

Because we no longer can do the stuff we enjoy doing.

Because we have pressure and have to get up early and and and ….

Monday the bad boy!  Wait a minute, really?!

Is it the Monday that make things bad? Or are it more the circumstances? The circumstances we pretty often have put ourselves into? The circumstances we don’t like but don’t change? Maybe you are not in the right job or maybe you are currently in a very shitty time of your life. That sucks. Yes, definitely. Totally. But how often non of this is the case and we are just bored? How often are we just unhappy? Unsatisfied? How often would we love to do something totally different but are just to comfortable to stay in our comfort zones? When we are honest with ourselves the answer might be “well, from time to time” or “actually, pretty often”.

Shall I change everything and fall in love with Monday?

Well, if this is what you love, you might like to. Another option is to avoid the Monday blues by

  1. getting aware that this is our life and we can do whatever we want. If we don’t like things we can pretty often change them.
  2. accepting the status quo if we do not want to change things and put the work needed for changes into it.
  3. planning something for Monday evening we very much look forward to.
  4. getting a Sunday routine and doing something enjoyable on a Sunday evening to be ready for the new week.
  5. setting ourselves goals for the week and see the Monday as a change with new goals to accomplish.
  6. writing a “to do” list on Friday evening already before leaving work so we can “switch off” the brain without the fear of forgetting something important.
Alternatively, put in the work and create the life you love!

We all got one shot and I truly believe we should take it. For me it’s being my own boss. This is 100% not the right or ideal way for a whole lot of people but it’s for me. Another dream I had was to move abroad. I got the most amazing chance as my husband lived abroad when we met. So it was kinda easy for me to go this step but I still had to do a couple of changes and maybe sacrifices. Whatever it might you want. Get clear about what you want and what it might take to realise it and create the life you love. Might be worth it.

Btw for me Mondays do not matter anymore – maybe this is why I post the Monday topic on a Tuesday…

BWM – MONDAY as a female founder
BWM – MONDAY as a female founder

MyNutShare Motivation Booster

MyNutShare Monday Motivation
MyNutShare Monday Motivation

You are the creator of your life! Not just a manager! You can take action and create the life you want, you desire. Have you ever allowed yourself to dream and create a life you desperately would love to live? This week’s focus: let’s figure out what we truly want and find ways on how to realise our dreams. We have just one life. One shot. And no one knows how much time we have left to create the life we really want living. Happy Monday everybody!

MyNutShare Monday Booster

Hey hey,

I decided to make our Mondays a bit easier with a little Monday Motivation! So, if you want a motivational boost every Monday straight in your inbox: simply subscribe to my blog.

Let’s kick ass this week and handle whatever this week throws on us.

New week, new goals.

MyNutShare Monday Booster
MyNutShare Monday Booster

MyNutShare – Monday Motivation via Banksy

MyNutShare - Banksy 'I hate Mondays''
MyNutShare – Banksy ‘I hate Mondays”

Hello everybody,

I purchased this pic a couple of months ago in the unofficial Banksy shop in London, Portobello Road Market (if you haven’t been there, go go go and pay a visit to the store). Since then, it simply belongs in my office as a daily reminder.

Whenever I visit a social media page or talk to people Mondays seem to be the most hated days of the week and so many of us can’t wait to have Friday afternoon. Posts like ‘Monday should be optional’ or ‘Oh no, tomorrow is Monday’ are all over. So, why is that? Why are we so unsatisfied with our jobs and our lives? Why are there so many Monday complainers? Obviously this seems to be a definite #firstworldproblem although we have all the opportunities to simply take action and change the things we don’t like rather than accepting them.

Well, for me this pic continuously reminds me on how blessed I am. Maybe we can start to change our thinking and see the upcoming Monday more like this:

M aybe this day is not

O ne of your favourites, but

N ever forget that every

D ay we wake up is an

A mazing gift and it’s up to

Y ou to make it count (unknown)

and start counting or blessings. It’s your life – if you don’t like it, change it! You are not just the manager of your life but as well the creator. Btw we should also give a thought to all the people currently working this weekend, especially this Sunday (which is a total common thing in London for so many of us).

Happy Monday everybody and please, let me know how you keep yourself motivated.

Stephanie xx