Build with me – Day 14 as a female founder and full-time entrepreneur

BWM – Build with me SalesTrainerIn and help me becoming an Entrepreneur – Day 14
BWM – Build with me SalesTrainerIn and help me becoming an Entrepreneur – Day 14

Being a founder is super exciting. Being able to create your own reality is super fun. Being in charge for your own salary etc. can be tensing. Being a one-man show means a LOT to do. These are just a couple of changes I am currently going through and thoughts I have.

Another questions I ask myself all the time is “Is it OK to take a day off, at the beginning?”. With a day off I mean not working the weekends, not working on Sundays. There are various, different opinions about this topic out there.

Massive action – hustle non stop

Some say as a new entrepreneur you have to set super high goals and smash the shit out of them. Yeah, I can get that. However, I believe this whole “massive action and we are all just working for the next 10 years to then retire” kind of thing is very very big on Instagram. Is this the real world? Is this even something one should want to aspire? I’m not sure. Where is the fun?

Smash it and recharge! Not your baby!

Some other camps say “yes, smash the shit out of your goals but don’t forget your real life”. LIVE! And I guess I am totally on this side. Of course, everyone who has the imagination of becoming ones one boss because they want to work less will probably get disappointed. This is not how it works I guess. You want to work less? Stay or get an office job with option for remote working and become more productive. I guess, this is the easiest way to work less. When you are alone there is a whole lot of work to do – you literally have to do everything. Of course, you can outsource but you still have to do the outsourcing bit and brief virtual assistants etc. on what to do.

Project Management – work it, Girl

This is something that is pretty challenging. Structuring the whole work load. It’s like a massive project that needs to be set up, managed and accomplished.  It’s great to have the opportunity to work this. It is what literally kicks me out of bed in the morning – although I am absolutely not a morning person.

Some advice, please?? 🙂

How do build your business? Have have been built your business? Any tipps? Would love to share some best practice and learn from experienced founders.



Build with me – My second week as a full-time entrepreneur

BWM – Build with me SalesTrainerIn and help me becoming an Entrepreneur – Day 12
BWM – Build with me SalesTrainerIn and help me becoming an Entrepreneur – Day 12
BWM – Build with me SalesTrainerIn and help me becoming an Entrepreneur – Day 13
BWM – Build with me SalesTrainerIn and help me becoming an Entrepreneur – Day 13

Two weeks in on my entrepreneurial journey as a female founder.

It’s starting to feel a bit more real. A bit more “hell yeah, I’m living my dream”. It’s still scary and I guess it will be scary for a while – but that’s the fun, right!?

I think it’s absolutely on the time to say a massive THANK YOU to everybody who spontaneously joined me on this journey already. I say spontaneously because it’s a couple of people I have “met” randomly. Our ways have crossed by accident. Or destiny.

I am talking about all these loose connections either on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram who are just suddenly there. Who are a massive support for me and who are great people to walk the talk with.

Since I joined this journey and started blogging nearly a year ago (yeah, it’s MyNutShare’s birthday soon!) I truly believe that you can build doors for opportunity to lock onto!

And there is another, special group I want to mention:

Female Founders

There are not too many of us. And the ones who are there and I was lucky enough to connect with are simply amazing! There is absolutely no bitching or anything. Just massive support and empowerment from every angle. Our goal is to empower and inspire. Glad to be part of this amazing group!


Let’s go #girlbosses – we can be whoever we want to be, create whatever we want to create and live the life we want.

Build with me – Day 6 and 7 of my first 100 days as a full-time entrepreneur

BWM – Build with me SalesTrainerIn and help me becoming an Entrepreneur – Day 6
BWM – Build with me SalesTrainerIn and help me becoming an Entrepreneur – Day 6
BWM – Build with me SalesTrainerIn and help me becoming an Entrepreneur – Day 7
BWM – Build with me SalesTrainerIn and help me becoming an Entrepreneur – Day 7

The first week as a full-time entrepreneur is over .. That was quick. I think after one week in it’s a great time for a first review how it feels to be full responsible to build a successful company.

It feels great! What I love most is the feeling to have a purpose in my doing. To have set myself on a mission. To have set myself goals I want to smash. To make a tiny piece of this world a better place.

It also does feel a bit exhausting. My head simply doesn’t turn off. Whenever I had a “normal” job I could easily switch into weekend mode and just forget about my work stuff from Friday afternoon till Monday morning. Now, I am constantly thinking. I tried not to work on this first weekend as we had friends staying over. But nevertheless, I constantly thought about ways to be more efficient, to plan out my day, to further define my plans…

It’s a good thing tho. And I believe necessary. A slight obsession I guess is needed to make a startup successful. Passion for what you are doing definitely helps to keep motivated and avoid excuses and procrastination.

I mean, there is a fine line from promoting your business, building your brand and going everyones nerves 😉 I try to find this balance and also keep interest in other areas.

Are any new entrepreneurs reading this blog? How do you handle free” weekends? Would love to exchange best practices – please get in touch! 🙂


Build with me – Day 4 as a full-time entrepreneur

BWM – Build with me SalesTrainerIn and help me becoming an Entrepreneur – Day 4
BWM – Build with me SalesTrainerIn and help me becoming an Entrepreneur – Day 4

Day 4 as a full-time entrepreneur…. What shall I say? The truth is, today was tough. Not really as nothing really bad happened or anything but I realised that it’s a whole lot need to be down. The amount of work you have to put into a new company to actually set the fundament can be quickly overwhelming.

What I have planned to do …

Before I actually got started this week full-time I hustled aside. I worked after hours, after a normal workday, to build my business. I registered the company, have built the webpage, created social media accounts  ….. and so much more.

I created also a plan how I gonna schedule my days as soon as I gonna pull in full-time. I had also planed to eat healthy and go the gym daily. The healthy eating bit I manage to do pretty well, however, going to the gym although there is so much work to do feels a bit wrong. Yes, I know it’s not wrong but it what it feels like.

I also had planned to schedule my work on every day according to topics. This means to have a social media day, a business development day, a research and content day, training days and consulting days. So far so gut.

What I am really doing right now….

So, as described above these were my plans and how I would love to work. Reality is – it’s nothing like that. There are so many more things to be considered when you are building a business. A routine seems like something pretty odd. For example I have to create contracts. Need to register for corporate tax etc.

What I also realised is that the english system appears to be very different from the German. Furthermore is English not my mother tongue what makes things slightly more difficult. I relocated to the UK two years ago and of course I learned English at school but it’s very, very different to living in England and speaking on day-to-day basis. It’s also more difficult to get your head around all the paper works. And I believe with speaking in a different language one automatically feels slightly less confident than in ones mother tongue.

But I can absolutely recommend the page to everybody who is currently either founding a business or thinking about it. The page is amazingly informative, handy and very well written.

And I never shied away from a challenge so I will do my very best to fight all obstacles and get this baby off the ground!

MyNutShare Monday Booster

MyNutShare Monday Motivation
MyNutShare Monday Motivation

This week’s challenge: We don’t procrastinate but get things done and spend the won, free time on something we love 🙂 Happy Monday everybody!

First Guest Post – Mastering your inner strength by Liz O from

I am soo excited! The first guest post on MyNutShare from my lovely blogger friend Liz from Thank you, Liz! Xx

Mastering your inner strength

Liz O Health, Wellbeing and Lifestyle blogger @
Liz O Health, Wellbeing and Lifestyle blogger @

Everyone on this earth has a purpose. I really believe that. For some it’s much easier to discover than others and so might come to light quicker than others. We can all probably think of one person (at least) who is really good at something or has a strength that is recognised by you and many others around that person. They make it look easy. To us, they are successful in this field of music composing for example, or playing the violin, or working the room at a social function or keeping the peace when tensions are raised. Everyone has a purpose and everyone has a skill in something.

Finding your passion is step one. For those of us who haven’t had the opportunities to have our natural strengths bought to light. Our journey’s are a little different. We must now go about figuring out what our passion or where our skills lie in order to find our strengths. I know if you’re reading this you probably hear it all the time. But the saying is true, “if you find something you love to do, you’d never have to work a day in your life.”  Now imagine how much easier that would be if you add the fact that you actually enjoy it! Amazing!

Things I try to practice to master my inner strength

  1. Do not ask for permission – If you’re seeking approval from everyone before you make a decision about your life – you’ll be waiting a long time.
  2. Enhance your talents – If you don’t know what they are yet, make a plan to find out. The sooner you do, the sooner you can get on with working towards sharing them and finding opportunities within this space to work and make money!
  3. Fear of failing – Nobody wants to loose, nobody enjoys failing -true. But how many successful businesses and entrepreneurs overcame disappointment before finally reaching their potential? Almost all of them.
  4. Letting go – This has been the hardest thing for me and I struggle with this at least once on a weekly basis. But there are NO RULES! Life is what you make it. There’s no formula to it. The only things you CAN or CAN’T do are the things you tell yourself. Stop with the barriers and the “I cant’s” and just let go.

By Liz O Health, Wellbeing and Lifestyle blogger @

MyNutShare Monday Booster

MyNutShare Monday Motivation
MyNutShare Monday Motivation

Are you a worrier or do you manage to handle your thoughts? Are you even aware of your thoughts? Especially the unpleasant ones? This weeks challenge: Let’s raise awareness of our unpleasant thoughts and challenge them with a reality check! Happy Monday everybody!

MyNutShare’s Key Points – “EAT that FROG” by Brian Tracy

Eat that Frog! by Brian Tracy
Eat that Frog! by Brian Tracy

Here are my key points:

  • Tackle the most scary, annoying, whatever tasks you don’t really like to do first! Without interruptions – until you are done with it! If you have 2 tasks you don’t like – start with the one you like even less first. Do it. Reduce the time between deciding, which one is the most horrible one and taking action. After you have accomplished this you will feel better and rewarded.
  • Plan every day! In advance – the night before.
  • Which 20% of tasks are responsible for 80% of outcome? These are the important ones. Focus on the key result areas to set priorities.
  • Upgrade your key skills and leverage your special talents rather than improving your weaknesses.
  • Do not multitask. Do one task at a time with all your focus and you will be done quicker and probably with better results.
  • Set goals – everyday and focus on them. Know what you want to achieve and what is top priority for that day. If you can’t decide what to focus on think about which goal (if accomplished) has the greatest positive impact on your life?
  • Set deadlines for your tasks. Actually this principle is also recommended by Tim Ferris in “the 4-hour work week” (I will do a summary on this separately). Short deadlines that force you to take immediate action and get the task done in an efficient way rather than precasting with perfection.
  • Don’t tackle the task as a big one. Break it down so it becomes easier to do.
  • Watch your thoughts and become your own, biggest motivator.
  • Do not do everything. Priorities and procrastinate the rest. Do the tasks that have the most serious consequences and focus on these key result areas.

MyNutShare Monday Booster

MyNutShare Monday Motivation
MyNutShare Monday Motivation

It’s about how you react and how you adapt. Things change. Life is not stable. You will have to deal with it and probably things will even feel better after you have thrown yourself into the new situations. This week’s focus: Let’s learn how to handle this one situation we know we should handle but haven’t done it yet. We can do it! Happy Monday everybody!

MyNutShare Motivation Booster

MyNutShare Monday Motivation
MyNutShare Monday Motivation

You are the creator of your life! Not just a manager! You can take action and create the life you want, you desire. Have you ever allowed yourself to dream and create a life you desperately would love to live? This week’s focus: let’s figure out what we truly want and find ways on how to realise our dreams. We have just one life. One shot. And no one knows how much time we have left to create the life we really want living. Happy Monday everybody!