Build with me – Day 9 of my first 100 days as a full-time entrepreneur

BWM – Build with me SalesTrainerIn and help me becoming an Entrepreneur – Day 9
BWM – Build with me SalesTrainerIn and help me becoming an Entrepreneur – Day 9

Do you know this saying “we only regret the things we didn’t do”? Or “I’d rather have a life full of ‘oh, well’ than ‘what if'”.

Do you? I do. And I believe this is pretty true.

When I started thinking about leaving the rat race. Thinking about finding my purpose. Thinking about doing what I love. Thinking about doing work that matters. Thinking about solving a problem I wish would have been solved …  then I thought about a lot of what if?

It were good what if’s though. They have been the first step in the direction to fight regret. Many, many people  have the dream of getting real but can’t fight their excuses. We all know them like “I don’t have time” – although we all have 24 hours a day. 1440 minutes.

How is it possible that some people get over their fears, loose all their excuses and get real? Have they figured it all out? I don’t believe so. I think it’s just a lot of curiosity. Curiosity combined with the knowledge that we will make mistakes. We will probably fail one time or another. Combined with the knowledge that many decisions are not ultimate. There might be a way back. It this “what if I fail? – What if you fly, my darling” kind of thinking.

It’s our life. We all have one shot. We should live it just the way we want it to. And sometimes we haven’t figured it all out but are brave enough to do it anyways. (Btw how boring would life be if we would have figured it all out?! Where would be the fun?). Maybe sometimes we have no idea what to expect. But maybe the pain to remain the same is just bigger than the fear to change?!

How did you fight your obstacles?