MyNutShare’s Key Points – Grant Cardone “The 10x Rule”

Grant Cardone 10x rule
Grant Cardone 10x rule
  • Success is your duty, your obligation AND your responsibility
  • Success is NEVER an OPTION! NEVER EVER!
  • There is no shortage of success
  • You want to cause things, you want to have an internal locus of control. You do NOT want things happen to you. Things happen because of you! You are not an victim of your circumstances. Take on full responsibility for your life, your decisions, your actions and the consequences
  • Middle-class and average thinking is NOT desirable you’d rather want to aim BIG, really Big! Unreasonable BIG!
  • Most people never operate on the biggest level of action
  • Obscurity is your biggest enemy. You do not want to compete. You want to dominate (the market, your industry)
  • People will call you obsessed, unreasonable, maniac – this is your goal
  • Embrace your Haters
  • Embrace criticism – your goal is to take massive action and to fight obscurity. Criticism is attention
  • NEVER contract, rather expand even more! Massively
  • Customer satisfaction must never be the most important goal for any organisation
  • Make your customers to fans and don’t stop
  • Study successful people and do what they do
  • Set massive goals, plan your day and have your goals ALWAYS in mind
  • Forget all your excuses
  • Reduce the time between having an idea or making a decision and ACTION! Do it immediately, massively

And remember, whatever you do – multiply it by 10!

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MyNutShare book recommendation: Grant Cardone – The Secrets of Selling

Audiobook Grant Cardone - The Secrets of Selling
Audiobook Grant Cardone – The Secrets of Selling

Do you consider yourself a sales person? No? Then you need to check out this short Audiobook – everyone is selling ALL THE TIME! Always. Relationships are selling yourself to someone, being an entrepreneur means selling your products. We are selling ourself all the time to everybody in every interaction.

For all the sales people out there who know sales and am professional this book probably won’t bring to many new insights but it’s a nice refresher – and it’s short, so no huge time investment. Nice read for a commute and a bit of a motivational kick to all sales heroes out there.

Thumbs up, Grant Cardone.