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I am soo excited! The first guest post on MyNutShare from my lovely blogger friend Liz from Thank you, Liz! Xx

Mastering your inner strength

Liz O Health, Wellbeing and Lifestyle blogger @
Liz O Health, Wellbeing and Lifestyle blogger @

Everyone on this earth has a purpose. I really believe that. For some it’s much easier to discover than others and so might come to light quicker than others. We can all probably think of one person (at least) who is really good at something or has a strength that is recognised by you and many others around that person. They make it look easy. To us, they are successful in this field of music composing for example, or playing the violin, or working the room at a social function or keeping the peace when tensions are raised. Everyone has a purpose and everyone has a skill in something.

Finding your passion is step one. For those of us who haven’t had the opportunities to have our natural strengths bought to light. Our journey’s are a little different. We must now go about figuring out what our passion or where our skills lie in order to find our strengths. I know if you’re reading this you probably hear it all the time. But the saying is true, “if you find something you love to do, you’d never have to work a day in your life.”  Now imagine how much easier that would be if you add the fact that you actually enjoy it! Amazing!

Things I try to practice to master my inner strength

  1. Do not ask for permission – If you’re seeking approval from everyone before you make a decision about your life – you’ll be waiting a long time.
  2. Enhance your talents – If you don’t know what they are yet, make a plan to find out. The sooner you do, the sooner you can get on with working towards sharing them and finding opportunities within this space to work and make money!
  3. Fear of failing – Nobody wants to loose, nobody enjoys failing -true. But how many successful businesses and entrepreneurs overcame disappointment before finally reaching their potential? Almost all of them.
  4. Letting go – This has been the hardest thing for me and I struggle with this at least once on a weekly basis. But there are NO RULES! Life is what you make it. There’s no formula to it. The only things you CAN or CAN’T do are the things you tell yourself. Stop with the barriers and the “I cant’s” and just let go.

By Liz O Health, Wellbeing and Lifestyle blogger @