MyNutShare – Monday Motivation via Banksy

MyNutShare - Banksy 'I hate Mondays''
MyNutShare – Banksy ‘I hate Mondays”

Hello everybody,

I purchased this pic a couple of months ago in the unofficial Banksy shop in London, Portobello Road Market (if you haven’t been there, go go go and pay a visit to the store). Since then, it simply belongs in my office as a daily reminder.

Whenever I visit a social media page or talk to people Mondays seem to be the most hated days of the week and so many of us can’t wait to have Friday afternoon. Posts like ‘Monday should be optional’ or ‘Oh no, tomorrow is Monday’ are all over. So, why is that? Why are we so unsatisfied with our jobs and our lives? Why are there so many Monday complainers? Obviously this seems to be a definite #firstworldproblem although we have all the opportunities to simply take action and change the things we don’t like rather than accepting them.

Well, for me this pic continuously reminds me on how blessed I am. Maybe we can start to change our thinking and see the upcoming Monday more like this:

M aybe this day is not

O ne of your favourites, but

N ever forget that every

D ay we wake up is an

A mazing gift and it’s up to

Y ou to make it count (unknown)

and start counting or blessings. It’s your life – if you don’t like it, change it! You are not just the manager of your life but as well the creator. Btw we should also give a thought to all the people currently working this weekend, especially this Sunday (which is a total common thing in London for so many of us).

Happy Monday everybody and please, let me know how you keep yourself motivated.

Stephanie xx

Happy Sunday everybody! Wish you a great week!

You can handle everything. You are fabulous. Remember that.

Hello everybody,

just a short reminder that you can handle everything that the upcoming week will throw at you. Just believe in yourself – you are fabulous.

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Thanks everybody for sharing nuts and some squirrel madness with me.

New week, new goals, let’s conquer.


Steph xx

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Let Gratitude be OurNutShare

Gratitude - MyNutShare
Gratitude – MyNutShare


Hi everybody,

Hopefully everybody is having a great time and had a lovely Sunday so far. We are right within the festive season and everything is starting to slow down – except from the shopping hunt for the best christmas presents. When getting together with loved ones for celebrations, many people use these festive days to reflect and to make resolutions for the upcoming year. Everyone is trying to be and become the best version of oneself … However shouldn’t we more often take time to say ‘Thank yo’u? Shouldn’t we embrace and express gratitude daily and not just now ‘it’s this time of the year’? Marc Tullius Cicero ones said ‘Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others’. So, please let us all ‘get off the bitch train’ (by Gary Vaynerchuk) and stay calm and grateful – all year long. But also especially this time of the year when doing our christmas shopping. Bring some time and give away some smileys – they don’t hurt anybody. 🙂