BWM 31/100 – “It needs a village…”

 BWM 30/100 – Build with me SalesTrainerIn
BWM 30/100 – Build with me SalesTrainerIn

Do you know the African proverb “it needs a village to raise a child”?

This is what it feels like to start a company. It’s a bit like raising a child. Watching the baby making the first steps. Being proud. Being worried…

You will be challenged – constantly. It’s hard. And in the same time it’s a lot of fun! But entrepreneurship is for sure not for everybody. And therefore you will come across many people who won’t understand what the heck you are doing. Your friends who are not on the same journey as you are might not realise that you are changing your life. Your friends might not be interested because it’s not for them. It’s not a lifestyle model they can handle.

You will probably come across a couple of people who show no interest at all. Who are busy living their own lives and maybe simply forget to ask how it’s going. That’s life. That’s it.

Find your village, your tribe

You will need supporters. But these supporters do not necessarily need to be the people you know for ages. It might be even good sometimes to keep some things sometimes a bit separate.

But when you get on the entrepreneurial journey you will come across so, so many people who will support you.

I would have never ever imagined that I will build quickly so intense, deep business relationships based on the mindset of being on the same journey.  But it happened. Pretty often.

You might move to another village

The people you will meet during your entrepreneurial journey might not be the people who are in it for the long run. It might not be long lasting relationships but there will be relationships. There will be touching points, there will be mentoring, there will be sparring.

It’s an amazing journey to go and the support is massive.

Even so many people who are not keen to become an entrepreneur themselves but who are interested on the startup story can be uber supportive.

Go out there, make contacts, share your story. We are all humans. We all have something to tell, to teach and to be happy about. The entrepreneurial journey can be lonely sometimes – but it doesn’t have to be all the time. Get close to the people that do you good and empower you.

Find your village.


MyNutShare hits 1000 followers on Instagram

MyNutShare hits 1000 followers on Instagram
MyNutShare hits 1000 followers on Instagram


Whoop whoop, MyNutShare has reached 1000 followers on Instagram! Thanks everybody who is part of this journey! Thanks for all your support. If you haven’t found MyNutShare on Instagram yet, you can simply click here. Happy weekend everybody.

MyNutShare BAGS first Prototype – your opinion counts

Hello everybody,

my gorgeous London friend has surprised me with this super cute MyNutShare bag for my birthday. I love it so, so much! Many, many thanks, Babsi. I think it’s an absolute cuteness overladed bag. She designed the Logo exclusively for me and used my hashtag. So, so cute! As it’s a prototype however, we will be working on it in the next days and weeks to make it ready to market – if you would like to own one yourself. So, we need your feedback. What would you love to see from MyNutShare? Which colours do you love? I have a couple of ideas I want to test but am absolutely keen to get to know what you would fancy.

As we Germans are in general very in love with ‘Jutetaschen’ and in the UK we got a new charge for plastic bags – and it’s anyway better to bring your own and help protect the planet – I think MyNutShare could contribute with gorgeous bags that would be a lot of fun. So, let me know.

Love you, guys and many, many thanks for your support,

Steph xx

MyNutShare Prototype BAG
MyNutShare Prototype BAG
MyNutShare Prototype BAG closeup
MyNutShare Prototype BAG closeup