BWM 20/100 – a weekend as an entrepreneur and readiness

BWM – Happy Weekend– Day 20
BWM – Happy Weekend– Day 20

It’s the Weekend. The days many of us wait for since Monday, sometimes even already since Sunday.

Weekend. The days many self-employed use to go the extra mile. Also days we enjoy. But wake up at night worrying about revenue targets, health of our business and stuff to do.

“THE WEEKEND”.  The days of the week where you can’t simply pick up the phone and cold call clients. You’ll have to wait until Monday.

Sometimes these days in between that are responsible for our courage to pick up the phone to dwindle.

Client acquisition can be scary. Especially cold acquisition

With have been in sales since 10 years I did a lot of acquisition B2B and B2C. Especially as a recruitment consultant with business development you have to pick up the phone on a regular basis. I have built 3 portfolios from scratch and all of them needed a lot of hard work and results have been visible shortly after. So, the receipt for success seems to be easy and clear. But I believe it’s different when you start selling not only yourself – this is something we are doing anyway all the time. But also to sell something you are fully responsible for. Something you have created. Something that is not an established brand or has yet even been tested. Would you agree?

When do you know you are “ready”?

I believe we will never be ready! And this is somehow the fun part of this journey. The moment we are ready we have already lost momentum. Readiness means we deliver way too late. This does not mean we should go into acquisition totally blanket but you will define your pitch over time. You will probably adjust your product over time.

And the truth is we will never feel “ready to pick up the phone and make a cold call”. This is just not happening. Over time you will loose the fear to cold call and you will simply reduce the time between picking a number and calling.

How perfect does your product needs to be? Or is LEAN better?

I believe it partly depends on the product. For a technical product it’s probably best to test the market super early before spending large amounts of money.

For personality assessments I believe you have to be ready because this is something that simply requires a certain level of qualification to use it ethically.

For training you also should know the stuff you are going to train and understand that a trainings / teaching perspective is different from “just doing it”. But I believe also there you don’t have to have the perfect product ready.

Simply because otherwise you become inflexible to adjust to client and market needs.

How do you handle “readiness”?

What’s your opinion on this? How do you handle your wish to be prepared with the necessity of getting started?